• “I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.” ― Rumi

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  • Adventurer.

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  • Human Rights Activist

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  • "You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop." -Rumi

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  • Looking to make new friends and talking about the topics that hold meaning in my life.

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  • Foreign language teacher

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  • Introverted web surfer interested in the arts, politics, world news, slap-stick humor and pop culture. Weird mix of everything, I know.

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  • Newly retired farmboy with an aversion to hate and a devotion to equality. My BFF is a bulldog named Dalyla and I was recently best man in a wedding. That means two people find me super duper.

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  • Born in NYC & recently relocated to Seattle for work (yes I'm in tech).

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  • iraj iraj (@iraj)
    Rising 687

    Peace Is The Way

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  • The Palestine Children's Relief Fund is a non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to healing the wounds of war and occupation in the Middle East.

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  • A contemporary magazine dedicated to your stories and ideas.

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  • Born in Alaska

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  • No matter how hard i try, but in the end - it doesnt even matter. But i will try! :P

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  • Pursuing Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality. BA in Psychology and Master of Arts degree in Marital and Family Therapy. New to blogging.

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  • Producing the Polyrical and Bernie-2020 podcasts. Creating art at Polartical.com. Live streaming on Twitch.tv/unrelatedthings

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  • I want to help people and pets because whats the point of life, if you don't have good friends to help you on the way.

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  • EJA EJA (@EJA)
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  • Grad-student at UCLA who loves viral content, sci-fi, science, LA sports and startups that disrupt.

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  • Mallary loves ice cream, media, history, laughing at ridiculous things, Pokemon, puppies, and carne asada.

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  • Musicians, guitar player and entrepreneur

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  • Massoud Khodabandeh is the Director of Middle East Strategy Consultants and has worked long-term with the authorities in Iraq to bring about a peaceful solution to the impasse at Camp Liberty and help rescue other victims of the Mojahedin-e Khalq cult. Khodabandeh co-authored the book 'The Life of Camp Ashraf - Victims of Many Masters' with his wife Anne Singleton. They published an academic paper on the MEK's use of the internet. Khodabandeh is a regular writer an Khodabandeh.org Mesconsult.com

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  • Fashionista/model from Seattle.

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  • Tech and gaming enthusiast. Usually found behind a keyboard attached to a gadget.

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  • Sue Sue (@Sue)
    Rising 63

    Executive Coach | Strategic HR Consultant | Sr. Leadership Advisor

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  • I'm absolutely obsessed with TV shows and constantly looking for new stuff to watch.

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  • An Iranian.

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  • Soroush Ghaffarian 1986, 3d modeler, texture and lighting artist proficient with Maya and 3ds Max with proven record as a team player and perfect ability to integrate 2D design into 3D. I'm available to do freelance jobs or to get employed in VFX, Film an

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  • Web designer. Music lover. Aspiring artist. Dilettante. I draw and paint with watercolor. Interested in lots of things.

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  • Hailing from Southern California, Ali Sabet is an artist with a positive and uplifting approach to his way of intending the visual medium. His artworks are deeply insightful; connecting with stories of self-improvement, deep personal feelings and emotion.

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  • International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to support civil society, particularly women actively promoting peace and co-existence in closed and conflict affected societies. Posts do not imply endorsement.

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  • Things are a bit different in Nodak.

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  • Dr. Shiva Ghaed is a licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Southern California. She has published & worked for renowned organizations, and has expertise in mood and anxiety disorders, and trauma. She currently works with the military and provides evidence-based treatments to active duty service members in the San Diego catchment area. She also maintains part-time private practice in Orange County, CA, and works as a subject matter expert with the University of Southern California.

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  • Over 30 years Sharon has consulted throughout the U.S, working with the unseen to transform the physical. Her experience as a participant and witness gives her a unique view of the emerging movement as women transform from survival to fearless architects of a thriving world of peace.

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  • I am Caleigh Martin a free writer and blogger in different niches such as lifestyle, health issues, fashion and gadget trends, and even business and finance concerns. I enjoy writing since this is the way of stressing out myself and I’m passionate about this.

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  • 50-something American expat living in Nice, France. Traveling. Writing. Drinking coffee. Seizing the day.

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  • football enthusiast, contributor for an alternative media

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  • The Aftab Committee is a Washington, D.C.-based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports Iranian-American artists and their works. By raising awareness, advocating education, and facilitating various events and exhibits, Aftab aims to build a bridge between the American public and Iranian-American artists and art.

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  • Hi, I am Emma, law student at Stanford University. Music and Road tripping are my true passions.

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  • Down to Earth Girl seeking other like minded folk. Love to Share Wellness and Inspiration. Peace IN and Shine ON all You Lovelies! ;)

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  • Top Topic article reviews and reader

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  • Advocating a Culture of Human Rights & Responsibilities - Launched Oct. 2006. 12Petals cherishes the ideal of so many people coexist in harmony and a knowledge of that such harmonious coexistence is possible when “rights” are honored.

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  • I have finally learned that I must remain silent as much as possible. I must always keep my thoughts to myself. —Sadegh Hedayat

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  • Philosopher

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  • World traveller & blogger. ✈️

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  • Luxury travel blogger who focuses on Emerging Destinations and boutique hotels with a high thread count on the sheets

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  • I am the Owner & Manager of an Independent Record Label. We offer a whole array of services for Artists & Bands in all music genres. We also offer Music Services for the Corporate & Business World as well. We are bringing out new Recording Artists & Bands that add new flavor to the music industry and will create new music genres as well.

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  • Lightworker Sharing knowledge from the ancient times and future hopefully help others raising their vibrations taking back their power of Love. It is all love in the end. It is all out now. They are here already. Have faith with me and you as I work in and on the grid with others. It will all soon be exposed. I will post all I know in the forms of pictures, links and other sources that I know to try and convey the information that belongs to the people of Earth, Terra and Gaia. We are all one

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  • Lover of the South, conservative politics and Crimson Tide football!

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