• “I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.” ― Rumi

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  • "You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop." -Rumi

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  • Human Rights Activist

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  • Adventurer.

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  • A contemporary magazine dedicated to your stories and ideas.

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  • An Iranian.

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  • Introverted web surfer interested in the arts, politics, world news, slap-stick humor and pop culture. Weird mix of everything, I know.

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  • ای مرغ سحر! چو این شب تار بگذاشت ز سر سیاهکاری، وز نفحه ی روح بخش اسحار رفت از سر خفتگان خماری

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  • Born in NYC & recently relocated to Seattle for work (yes I'm in tech).

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  • دروغ چرا؟تا قبر...آ.آ.آ.آ

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  • Foreign language teacher

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  • Grad-student at UCLA who loves viral content, sci-fi, science, LA sports and startups that disrupt.

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  • Mallary loves ice cream, media, history, laughing at ridiculous things, Pokemon, puppies, and carne asada.

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  • Looking to make new friends and talking about the topics that hold meaning in my life.

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  • I want to help people and pets because whats the point of life, if you don't have good friends to help you on the way.

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  • Luxury travel blogger who focuses on Emerging Destinations and boutique hotels with a high thread count on the sheets

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  • نه فریدون ام من، نه ولادیمیرم که گلوله یی نهاد نقطه وار به پایانِ جمله یی که مقطعِ تاریخش بود ــ نه بازمیگردم من نه میمیرم. چرا که شما مسخره کننده گانِ ابلهِ نیما و شما کشندگانِ انواعِ ولادیمیر این بار به مصافِ شاعری چموش آمده اید

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  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Excellent WebWorld in Australia. I have been working in the field of web design and web development for more than 7 years.

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