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    Introverted web surfer interested in the arts, politics, world news, slap-stick humor and pop culture. Weird mix of everything, I know.

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    ای مرغ سحر! چو این شب تار بگذاشت ز سر سیاهکاری، وز نفحه ی روح بخش اسحار رفت از سر خفتگان خماری

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  • نه فریدون ام من، نه ولادیمیرم که گلوله یی نهاد نقطه وار به پایانِ جمله یی که مقطعِ تاریخش بود ــ نه بازمیگردم من نه میمیرم. چرا که شما مسخره کننده گانِ ابلهِ نیما و شما کشندگانِ انواعِ ولادیمیر این بار به مصافِ شاعری چموش آمده اید

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    Looking to make new friends and talking about the topics that hold meaning in my life.

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  • Newly retired farmboy with an aversion to hate and a devotion to equality. My BFF is a bulldog named Dalyla and I was recently best man in a wedding. That means two people find me super duper.

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  • “I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.” ― Rumi

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  • Born in NYC & recently relocated to Seattle for work (yes I'm in tech).

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  • Massoud Khodabandeh is the Director of Middle East Strategy Consultants and has worked long-term with the authorities in Iraq to bring about a peaceful solution to the impasse at Camp Liberty and help rescue other victims of the Mojahedin-e Khalq cult. Khodabandeh co-authored the book 'The Life of Camp Ashraf - Victims of Many Masters' with his wife Anne Singleton. They published an academic paper on the MEK's use of the internet. Khodabandeh is a regular writer an Khodabandeh.org Mesconsult.com

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  • I am a traveler, a blogger, a huge fan of self-growth (you might often find me with self-improvement books in my hands) and an expert in Internet security...That's already getting long, so I'll stop here... :)

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  • Human Rights Activist

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  • "You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop." -Rumi

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    『 Dominate your life & stay humble 』

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  • Fariba Amini is an independent journalist and writer. She has done extensive interviews with scholars of Iran as well as American diplomats. She is the editor of Letters from Ahmad Abad: Mossadegh’s letters to Nosratollah Amini, mayor of Tehran and personal attorney to PM Mohammad Mossadegh. Her other work entitled Faces of the Most Successful Iranian Americans was published by the U.S. Department of State.

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  • Grad-student at UCLA who loves viral content, sci-fi, science, LA sports and startups that disrupt.

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  • دروغ چرا؟تا قبر...آ.آ.آ.آ

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  • Mallary loves ice cream, media, history, laughing at ridiculous things, Pokemon, puppies, and carne asada.

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    Foreign language teacher

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