• “I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.” ― Rumi

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  • Newly retired farmboy with an aversion to hate and a devotion to equality. My BFF is a bulldog named Dalyla and I was recently best man in a wedding. That means two people find me super duper.

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  • نه فریدون ام من، نه ولادیمیرم که گلوله یی نهاد نقطه وار به پایانِ جمله یی که مقطعِ تاریخش بود ــ نه بازمیگردم من نه میمیرم. چرا که شما مسخره کننده گانِ ابلهِ نیما و شما کشندگانِ انواعِ ولادیمیر این بار به مصافِ شاعری چموش آمده اید

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  • Miesha Miesha (@Miesha)
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    Introverted web surfer interested in the arts, politics, world news, slap-stick humor and pop culture. Weird mix of everything, I know.

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  • Dakho Dakho (@Dakho)
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    ای مرغ سحر! چو این شب تار بگذاشت ز سر سیاهکاری، وز نفحه ی روح بخش اسحار رفت از سر خفتگان خماری

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  • leyla leyla (@leyla)
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    Foreign language teacher

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  • lizzy lizzy (@lizzy)
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    Looking to make new friends and talking about the topics that hold meaning in my life.

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  • AmirJaan Amir (@AmirJaan)
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  • Human Rights Activist

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  • Born in NYC & recently relocated to Seattle for work (yes I'm in tech).

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  • said Saïd Amin (@said)
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    Entrepreneurial spirit - Animal lover - I also enjoy: Fitness - Travel - International Affairs - Improving my mindfulness and being helpful to friends and strangers.

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  • Payvand Payvand (@Payvand)
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    "You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop." -Rumi

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  • Mallary Mallary (@Mallary)
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    Mallary loves ice cream, media, history, laughing at ridiculous things, Pokemon, puppies, and carne asada.

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  • Jolie Jolie (@Jolie)
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  • Akako Akako (@Akako)
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  • TVfreak TVfreak (@TVfreak)
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    I'm absolutely obsessed with TV shows and constantly looking for new stuff to watch.

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  • LadyBug LadyBug (@LadyBug)
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  • Jumper Jumper (@Jumper)
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    Tech and gaming enthusiast. Usually found behind a keyboard attached to a gadget.

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  • Web designer. Music lover. Aspiring artist. Dilettante. I draw and paint with watercolor. Interested in lots of things.

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  • Baller Baller (@Baller)
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  • Mostofi Mostofi (@Mostofi)
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  • دروغ چرا؟تا قبر...آ.آ.آ.آ

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  • MikeBoogey Mike (@MikeBoogey)
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    Grad-student at UCLA who loves viral content, sci-fi, science, LA sports and startups that disrupt.

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  • JennyB JennyB (@JennyB)
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    Fashionista/model from Seattle.

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  • martin martin (@martin)
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  • Sasha Sasha (@Sasha)
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  • Grace Grace (@Grace)
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    『 Dominate your life & stay humble 』

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  • Dr. Shiva Ghaed is a licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Southern California. She has published & worked for renowned organizations, and has expertise in mood and anxiety disorders, and trauma. She currently works with the military and provides evidence-based treatments to active duty service members in the San Diego catchment area. She also maintains part-time private practice in Orange County, CA, and works as a subject matter expert with the University of Southern California.

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  • Kargar Kargar (@Kargar)
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    بر ما نبخشد فتح و شادی خدا، نه شه، نه قهرمان. با دست خود گیریم آزادی در پیکارهای بی‌امان.

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  • Sue Sue Siami (@Sue)
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    Executive Coach | Strategic HR Consultant | Sr. Leadership Advisor

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  • Parsa Parsa (@Parsa)
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  • Shahir Shahir (@Shahir)
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  • Swashbuckling liberal. Will content for saucers of milk.

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  • gale gale (@gale)
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  • alanwa alanwa (@alanwa)
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  • I am a multi-dimensional woman; loving, disciplined, determined, resilient, happy, free-spirited, and strong. I love inspiring, and being inspired. Empowerment is being in complete alignment to the energy that is you. The only place where freedom exists...

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  • The New York based Reporter Dr. Davood N. Rahni (www.drrahni.com) is a novice commentator on cultural and political affairs. By profession, he is professor of chemistry, environmental science and environmental law. He also holds an adjunct professorship i

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  • Graduate of University of East London Bachelor of Arts Freelance designer, illustrator, writer and tattoo artist

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  • Fariba Amini is an independent journalist and writer. She has done extensive interviews with scholars of Iran as well as American diplomats. She is the editor of Letters from Ahmad Abad: Mossadegh’s letters to Nosratollah Amini, mayor of Tehran and personal attorney to PM Mohammad Mossadegh. Her other work entitled Faces of the Most Successful Iranian Americans was published by the U.S. Department of State.

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  • RedWine RedWine (@RedWine)
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    Researches & presents information (Social, Art) in certain types of mass media and also working in diffrent european tv channels

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  • Lover of the South, conservative politics and Crimson Tide football!

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  • sabet sabet (@sabet)
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    Hailing from Southern California, Ali Sabet is an artist with a positive and uplifting approach to his way of intending the visual medium. His artworks are deeply insightful; connecting with stories of self-improvement, deep personal feelings and emotion.

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  • REORIENT is a publication celebrating contemporary Middle Eastern arts and culture - www.reorientmag.com

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  • Tara Ebrahimi is a writer and editor living in Chicago. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Rapportage magazine, and other online websites. She is currently finishing her first book.

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  • در یاد بود هفتادمین سالگرد جان باختن استاد احمد کسروی دست آوردهای آن ایرانی بزرگ را گرامی می داریم.

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  • Khodabandeh.org Mesconsult.com

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  • A lover of romantic movies ♥

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  • I was born in Knin in 1989. I am historian.

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  • techie Techie (@techie)
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  • juvus juvus (@juvus)
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  • god god (@god)
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  • I am a licensed hungarian private guide managing my website: Magdiprivatetours.com. Please read my travel blog.

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  • American expat living in Taiwan. Teaching, traveling, and telling stories of the places I've seen and the people I've met.

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  • Doctor (Medical Ophthalmology) with interests in tech for good and mental health advocacy.

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  • Kickass solo female British chick travelling throughout Asia and grabbing life by the balls splendidly. Honest, personal and straight to the point stories

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  • SkyParkSecure, The home of Airport Parking - Compare Airport Parking Find the best parking prices & reviews at 28 UK airports.

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  • Dreamer, Photographer, Plant Eater

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  • Owner of OctoScribbles Comics. Aspiring illustrator; lover of comic art, black India ink and anything to do with cephalopods.

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  • Eagle Eagle (@Eagle)
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  • mike mike (@mike)
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  • stefan stefan (@stefan)
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    Head of Content Marketing @ Ladder (https://ladder.io) Co-founder @ JobHero (https://gojobhero.com)

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  • Advocating a Culture of Human Rights & Responsibilities - Launched Oct. 2006. 12Petals cherishes the ideal of so many people coexist in harmony and a knowledge of that such harmonious coexistence is possible when “rights” are honored.

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  • Indian | Blogger | Solo Budget Traveller | Gym Enthusiast | 3 Countries | 62 Flights |

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  • iraj iraj (@iraj)
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    Peace Is The Way

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  • SEO & SEM, eCommerce SEO manager in Hungary. Writing in hungarian and english as well.

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  • bluff bluff (@bluff)
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  • where we've been / what we've seen / what we've learned

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  • 2 sisters traveling the world using miles and points

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  • World traveller & blogger. ✈️

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  • Matan Matan (@Matan)
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  • Researcher of history, with the first book on Iran's history published in 2008: Farsinameh. New project: "God of Life and Intelligence" a study of evolutionary trends throughout history. Dedication: Unitarian Universalist.

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  • Online Marketer, Growth Hacker & EmailGeek @ EDMdesigner.com

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  • Social Media Manager who loves movies, sports, food & animals: http://bit.ly/zapmovies

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  • Dream Dream (@Dream)
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  • London-based travel editor blogging on savvy travel and interior finds and trends.

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  • Hi, I'm a freelance writer, photographer and travel editor at Travel Photo Discovery. Currently based in San Francisco and Hawaii - I love to find fun and quirky places to visit around the world, come and join me

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  • مخاطب ما همه اون جوونايين كه دنبال نفس كشيدن تو هواى آزادى هستن. هم از ديكتاتورى موروثى بيزارن و هم از استبداد به اسم دين و خدا خسته!شماكه صداتون فرياد آگاهيه و تو گلوتون خشم عصيانى عليه دار و اسارت و قيچي سانسور!

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  • Marketing Consultant for a cleaning company located in Stockport

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  • ateed ateed (@ateed)
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  • US GIS maps, crude oil pipeline maps, GIS DATA for energy industry.

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  • I am peaceful, understanding, trusting, and comforting. I have a good sense of humor, I am a tripper tripping out on weirdness weirder then the weirdest weirdness that is weird – I am deep.

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  • shana shana (@shana)
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  • I'm a children writer and illustrator and producer of children shows for public television. Since there are great similarities in fairytales and mythology, I embarked on the demonic characters in Iranian mythology. The good guys are pretty much researched and highlighted. The Dark side is still in the dark, and I'm hoping to shed a little light on them and hope my lovely audience provide me with constructive feedback so I can embellish them and get them ready for future animation project.

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  • Marketing specialist at Sean's Cleaning

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  • Graphic designer, SEO expert in Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • viki viki (@viki)
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  • Dr. Kaveh Farrokh is dedicated to the Advancement of Ancient Iranian and Classical Studies. The relationship between ancient Iran and the civilizations of the Greco-Roman world (and its European successors), India, China and the Far East, and the Arabo-Islamic world are a major focus of this website. Civilizations are rarely conceived in a vacuum and are often the result of the synthesis of a number of elements, examples being the Roman Empire, ancient Iran and India.

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  • Cyber Flavors is a fast growing enterprise that serves its clients with all kinds of e-commerce and web solutions. We are known as a reputed and renowned custom application development company in India. In last five years, we have successfully and promptly delivered effectively designed custom applications and enterprise-scale and e-business solutions worldwide and that too within the budget of our customers. And we are looking forward to grow old in this industry.

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