In a 2010 interview, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Paul Jay discuss the war in Afghanistan and the American strategy for dominating Eurasia and the world to prevent "global anarchy". Brzezinski died on May 26, 2017


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ayatoilet ayatoilet (@ayatoilet) Pinned comment
Brzezinski was the person who met secretly with Saddam's senior military officers in the summer of 1980 in Jordan - to not only encourage Iraq invasion of Iran, but also provide valuable military intelligence in support of the attack. And by doing that he not only has the blood of over 1 million people on his hands, but also laid the seeds of what eventually became two more Iraq wars for the U.S. - which completely undermined the national security of the country... virtually bankrupted the U.S. and put the whole region on the trajectory it on now (with ISIS etc.).

Not to be forgotten, is his promotion of the Taliban, and Khomeini etc. as a counter measure to Soviet communism i.e. the start of Islamic fanaticism in the region.

And further not to be forgotten, was the strategy of promoting a false coup (Nojeh) in Iran in 1980, to snitch on and then have all of Iran's air force pilots tortured and killed - so that Iran's air force could not repel an attack from Saddam Hussein.

Much like Kissinger - he was an evil man. I still can not fathom how people like that sleep at night.
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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) Pinned comment
It's a bit ironic, to stay the least, how Brzezinski's efforts & policies to prevent 'anarchy' in international relations has led to some of the most destabilizing events in the last few decades, bringing the entire world closer to another world war.
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abolhussein abolhussein (@abolhussein) Pinned comment
Brezinski was responsible for the jihadist movement in Afghanistan to kick out the Soviets, creating a myth of islamic fighters fighting against Godless communists. He is responsible for the plague of islamic scum that is now all over the World. Yes I call this death cult a plague because that is what it is.
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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) replied to abolhussein (@abolhussein) Pinned comment
Western powers' policy of supporting conservative Islamic forces against Leftist & Nationalist currents in Middle East goes way back before Brzezinski & Afghanistan.
Back in 20's & 30's Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was augmented by Western powers as a buffer against Arab nationalist & leftists.
Monarchists coup against the democratic, nationalist government of Dr. Mosadegh was also a part of this broad policy pursued by Western powers at that period.
Of course Soviets also pursued their own Imperial agenda & committed their own crimes, all disguised under a façade of so-called "proletarian internationalism!"
Within such international context it becomes obvious & clear how monarchy was directly & centrally responsible for incubation of the Islamic State in Iran.
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