Will The Targeting of Religoius Minorities By ISIS Only Get Worse?

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The brutal targeting of Christians and other minorities by ISIS has its roots in the history of the Caliphate. Christians in the Middle East are in minority and no real threat to ISIS.  Even if ISIS established their Caliphate, Christians or other minorities won’t be able to stop them or even oppose them.  One of ISIS’s main strategy is to inflame sectarian violence, however,  until jihad is declared in all Islamic lands. In countries like Egypt or Iraq and other Islamic countries minorities have been living for centuries and even long before Islam appeared on the scene. 

ISIS model of the Caliphate is partly inspired by the Abbasids. Baghdadi has been observed by some to have expressed fondness for the Abbasids Caliphate.  The use of the colour black is their identification with the Abbasids who were the first to use black banners.  The Abbasids have left an impressive legacy for ISIS leaders to aspire to as they endeavour to reestablish their Caliphate in Baghdad (or somewhere in the Middle East) where the Abbasids ruled. Baghdad is also the place the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, had studied and earned his doctorate in Islamic law. He must have learned about the golden age of Islam during the Abbasids Caliphate while living and studying in Baghdad and also what brought their terrible downfall.  

Baghdadi understanding of history and what contributed to the Abbasids rise and destruction is again a fanatical interpretation of the past. He does not make any distinction between those who are the enemy of Islam and those who are the enemy of the Caliphate. He is simultaneously the self-appointed caliph and the prophet of Islam. 

What brought about the Abbasids downfall was tragic for the Muslim world. If religious minorities were not tolerated by the Abbasids, the Caliphate would have survived. If it was not for their collaboration with the Mongols,  Halague could have never been able to sack Baghdad. However, minorities had lived under different Islamic caliphates, be it in Egypt, Spain or Syria or elsewhere and were even allowed to contribute to the state in a different  capacity but under the Abbasids, they were treated discriminatory and when the opportunity presented itself to conspire with the enemies against the Abbasids they didn’t hesitate. 

Baghdadi has failed to admit that the Abbasids collaborated with Chengiz Khan who slaughtered their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. It has even been suggested that the Abbasids had petitioned Chengiz Khan to attack the kingdom of Khwarazm (Iran). The circumstantial evidence is pretty strong for that theory.  The Abbasids did not declare war on Chengiz Khan and sided with him and did not want to upset him perhaps why they were largely left intact during his campaigns. By 1241 the Abbasids began sending an annual tribute to the court of the khagan. Envoys from the caliph were present at the coronation of Güyük Khan in 1246 and Möngke Khan in 1251.

When Chengiz Khan’s grandson, Halagu Khan was commissioned to expand the Mongol empire and establish the Illkhnate he had no mandate from Möngke Khan to destroy the Caliphate let alone kill the Caliph. The Abbasids had played their cards very carefully and skilfully to reach that level of immunity within the Mongol empire. Behind the scenes, they were slowly converting the Mongols of the Golden Horde to Islam and had been ingratiating themselves with the Mongols since Chengiz Khan military campaigns began. They wanted the Mongols to recognise them as their spiritual head and it was only a matter of time before the Abbasids were going to ride on the back of yet another military superpower and reign supreme. When Baghdad learned that Halagu was coming for them their efforts in diplomacy and evangelising all of a sudden came to nothing and undoubtedly they wondered what had wrong.  No negotiations seemed to be working to convince Halagu not to attack them either. However, after 12 days of warfare, the Abbasids surrendered. Halague’s mandate to make the Abbasids submit unconditionally had succeeded and he should have halted there but he was hellbent on destroying Baghdad even going against what was sanctioned by the great Khan Möngke. Berke, another grandson of Chengiz Khan who was by then a Muslim and the head of the Golden Horde who had expressed the greatest admiration for the Abbasids never forgave his brother Halagu for killing the Caliph but Halagu didn’t care and later even went to war with Berke.    

Perhaps fate or God had something to do with the annihilation of the Abbasids if you believe in any of those two. Or perhaps it was Tusi who was aware of the treatment of Shiites by the Abbasids encouraged Halague to not negotiate with the Abbasids. Tusi and Halagu met in Alamut for the first time and quickly became friends. But it is more likely that it was Halagu’s wife, Doguz Khatun who was a Christian and accompanied her husband on his war campaigns that convinced Halagu to sack Baghdad and free the Christians from the Abbasids oppressive rules. Even Halagu himself was educated by a Nestorian Christian although he was not a Christian himself. Halagu’s army also consisted of the king of Armenia and his troops. A Frankish contingent from Antioch and Georgian forces. As well as Chinese and Persians. This was no ordinary campaign to force the Abbasids to merely submit. The Abbasids had shown in more ways than one that they were willing to work with the Mongols and had the loftiest visions of collaboration with them.

After the capture of Baghdad, Halague’s army was given strict orders to spare the Christians and the Shiites as they slaughtered all the other Muslims. Christians were told to remain in their churches and Shiites holy sites were protected by Mongol guards. The killing continued for days, it was genocidal. 500 years of Abbasids rule had built up deep resentments and hatred for them from all the non-Sunni Muslims living under theri rule. 

In the aftermath, the royal palace was offered to the Nestorian Catholicos, Mar Makikhas by Halague who also ordered a cathedral to be built for him. Tusi’s wish for establishing the grandest observatory in Maragheh was also granted and he went on holding the world’s first intercontinental conference in astronomy. Many minorities came out of hiding no longer fearing a backlash from the ruling religious elite.  

The Sunni world may still hark back with sentimentality to their golden era, wondering what would have happened if the Abbasids had survived. However, Baghdadi is determined to continue where the Abbasids left off. The sacking of Baghdad by the Mongols assisted by the Christians and the Shiites would never happen again because there won’t be any minorities living in Baghdad's version of a caliphate. For him, Abbasids were too lenient with the religious minorities and they paid the price. Baghdadi's  merciless attacks on the Christians and Shiites and other minorities will only  get worse in the Muslim countries. 

Christians in the Middle East, however, are also stabbed in the back by the largest Christian country in the world, the U.S. As the Saudis prepare the ground work by pouring money in educating people in their version of Islam (Wahhabism) in Africa and other places, ISIS’s work becomes much easier in recruiting people who already have been brainwashed. Trump’s Administration stamp of approval on the Saudis only gives them more freedom to spread their ideology and to ISIS greater supply of future volunteers and suicide bombers.  

Shiites on other hand are betrayed by the largest Shiite country in the world, Iran. Although the Islamic Republic of Iran has managed to protect their own population against attacks by ISIS they have made the Shiites population outside of Iran the greatest target. Shiites in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen are constantly under attack and no one is able to protect them. Islamic Republic of Iran geopolitical ambitions is spilling far more Shiites blood than their Sunni rivals. But the ayatollahs are not too phased about their Shiite brothers and sisters being bombed to pieces by ISIS or the Saudis for they are considered ‘martyrs.’ As long as they serve the ‘Shiite’ cause they have not died in vain. 


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Siavash Siavash (@Siavash) Pinned comment
Thanks for informative historical blog.

The ambition of exporting "Islamic revolution" throughout the world had been Ayatollahs' agenda from day one they reached power in Iran. However, we do NOT see any attack on Ayatollahs in Iran by ISIS. Why ? They could easily blow up any building in downtown Tehran. They have enough suicide bombers. They also have enough people who had been brainwashed by Baghdadi. Having said that, Security in Iran is NOT as strong as U.K , so why we don't see any ISIS activity inside Iran ? ISIS only target Shia outside Iran. Any connection between ISIS and Mullahs in Iran !!!.
Saudi Arabia is only reacting to criminal mullahs' expansionists. Iran have had good relationship with Saudi during shah days. NO problem at all. I don't know where the writer got this idea that Saudi wants to expand it's wahabbi version of Islam. "Political Islam" came to picture once criminal mullahs reached power in Iran. "Political Islam" did NOT initiated by Saudi, it was initiated by Ayatollahs in Iran. It was Islamists in Iran who propagated "Political Islam". Our pilgrimages used to go to Haj and coming back in a good term. Problem started when criminal mullahs started to export their Islamic revolution throughout Haj ceremony by chanting "Death to America". Haj is religion ceremony, but criminal mullahs tried to enforce "Political Islam". That part of Haj called "Baraat az moshrekeen". برائت از مشرکین It means: To avoid infidel. Criminal mullahs see America as infidel so death to America interpreted as : "death to infidel". Saudi reacted harshly about this incident because it was going to repeated again and again over the years. NOT only that. Mullahs' thugs also started to chant against Saudi Royal family. That has nothing to do with Wahhabi, or any other branch of Islam as the writer mentioned in this blog. All this mess started once Khomeini decided to export Islamic revolution from Iraq to reach Al - Ghods. From Saudi during Haj ceremony. From Lebanon by establishing Hezbollahs.
"To reach Al Ghods is from Karbala"
That was Khomain's idea. That's why he didn't want peace with Iraq, even though Saudi accepted to pay all the cost of war recover any damages done by Iraqis' soldiers, but Ayatollahs didn't want peace. They wanted to reach Al-Ghods by taking over Iraq.
Trump visit to Saudi was intended to stop Ayatollahs ambition for exporting their Islamic revolution throughout the world. That is understandable. Saudi is only reacting to what criminal mullahs are doing in Iran. Even I have seen some documents that was saying ISIS was funded and initiated by Bin Al Sultan in Saudi Arabia with their sunni counterpart in Iraq to stop Shia's ambition and their influences in the region. ISIS wouldn't exist if the "Islamic revolution" wouldn't happened in Iran or criminal mullahs were NOT in power.
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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) replied to Siavash (@Siavash) Pinned comment
Terrorist monarchist bear the responsibility for mullahs coming to power in our land.
From the 1953 monarchist coup against the democratic government of Dr. Mosadegh, to how shah's generals destroyed the Baha'i temple as a favor to reactionary mullahs, to SAVAK's sponsorship of Hojatieh society, to shah hiring and paying ayatollah Beheshti to write the text books for schools in Iran, terrorist monarchists are directly and significantly responsible for paving the path to power for reactionary mullahs.
Below is a picture of criminal shah kissing the cheeks of ultra-reactionary ayatollah kashani.
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Parsa Parsa (@Parsa) replied to Siavash (@Siavash) Pinned comment
Your point of reference is shah and shah only and that’t not mine.

I am sure you can also appreciate that ISIS is targeting Christians (unless you don’t count the Christians and other minorities) so the war is not only between the Shiites and ISIS .As I outlined in the historical background, Middle East is a God given gift to the fanatics.

IRI has not been successful in exporting its revolution in Middle East let alone in the world as you suggest in your comment. Let's not get carried away. The world knows about IRI and especially the governments and people in the MIddle East. IRI is using all its resources 'religion' is only one of them to be only accepted as a legitimate government in the world.

ISIS largely came to existance because of America, Britain etc... invasion of Iraq which had nothing to do with Iran.

This is the mess that Middle East is in today, Trump, Saudis and IRI are only making it worse and innocent people who want to go about their lives like normal pay the ultimate price.
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Siavash Siavash (@Siavash) replied to Parsa (@Parsa) Pinned comment
Just reminder for our readers......
During shah days,
Afghanistan under president Dawood.
Pakistan under president Zia Al Haq
Iran under shah smart leadership with the most powerful army present in Persian Gulf.
Iraq under Al baath party with close ties with Moscow.
Saudi Arabia under king Faisal.
Syria under president Hafez Assad
All were region of stability. NO terrorist camp. NO terrorist activity. They were all living in peace and harmony with NO problem. Iranian pilgrimage used to go to Haj with NO problem.
So when the kias or social turmoil in the region started ?
Food for thoughts.

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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) replied to Siavash (@Siavash) Pinned comment
Below is an example of how monarchy 'stabilized' Iran; through currying favors for most reactionary ayatollahs and paving the path to power for mullahs.
Pictured below are shah's five star a..holes smiling while destroying the Baha'i temple. As the caption in the photo says these morons didn't know what they were destroying was their own existence, digging their own graves and digging the grave of monarchy.
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Parsa Parsa (@Parsa) replied to Siavash (@Siavash) Pinned comment
It is possible to put a lid on things for awhile but eventually it will boil over. The Pahlavi period was like being on drugs. You can have a great trip on LSD but one day you have to come down to earth when the effects wears off and face the reallity.
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Siavash Siavash (@Siavash) replied to Parsa (@Parsa) Pinned comment
So it worked well with our nation as well as others.
Why don't we try to have it again.?
Make that "Drug" part of our nation's diet. It saves the lives of our nation. There is nothing wrong about it.
I almost forgot to say about Egypt. Egypt under president Saddat was a land of stability as well. No war, No bloodshed. No terrorism. Israelis made a peace with Arabs in camp David treaty. President Saddat and Menachem Begin Israeli prime minster of Israel stoked hands in camp David. . Everybody were living in peace and harmony.
Our neighbor communist country, Soviet Union, was also in good term with our nation. Leonid Brezhnev was the first president , C.E.O of communist party who were sending NOROOZ greetings every year to our shah and wished him health and happiness for our nation.
U.S and European embassies were welcoming Iranians who wanted to immigrate or travel to U.S or Europe, but NO one wanted to immigrate to America or Europe. Are you kidding me ? Iran was a beautiful country that everybody wanted to come and work. Iranian families were hiring Filipino maids from Phillipean to come and work in their homes. Iran was very rich country. No one wanted to leave Iran and work in another foreign country. Iranians were enjoying life inside Iran.
I remember one of our teachers in high school used to say:
آدم درست و حسابی‌ که آقای مملکتش را ول نمی کنه، که نوکری خارجی رو بکنه
It means, the person with right mind doesn't leave his/her home country to be like an slave in foreign country.
No need to beg from foreign embassies to give Iranians visa or accept them as an immigrant.
That was a golden time of Iran as well as golden time of the region.
Why don't we try to repeat it again. ?
I see no reason NOT to try.
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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) replied to Parsa (@Parsa) Pinned comment
Within monarchist milieus we had individuals like Daruish Homayooh who finally adopted a critical approach to monarchy and its failures. We also have terrorist monarchists on the other side of the spectrum who are still high on an insatiable blood lust, still in love with SAVAK,and still criminally clueless as to what Crimes Against Humanity mean, and its consequences & ramifications. These unreconstructed, unrepentant SAVAK lovers, to a large extent, resemble those helpless Tudeh Stalinists who are still in love with Stalin and shamelessly justify all his crimes.
Both these groups are incredibly allergic to objective historical truth and most probably will die as unrepentant apologists for their favorite criminals.
Simply beyond hope or redemption.
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