While the majority of Iranians suffer economically and some struggle for survival – the walls of Tehran are plastered with ads of people selling their kidneys, for example – the "rich kids of Iran" revel in their glamorous lifestyle. Against this backdrop, the government claims to be revolutionary, seeking to place the Islamic value of ghest (social justice) at the centre of its discourse.


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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) Pinned comment
Shahir jan thanx for this article.
By many standards the current wave of protests sweeping Iran, now entering its 4th day, is already a POPULAR UPRISING.
Why could we call them "popular uprising?" Because at the moment protests are occurring all over Iran, there's hardly a single major city or region that has not participated in these protests, and it's not only the geographical scope of it, it is also how people are targeting Basij headquarters or even attacking security forces buildings.
So, the question becomes: Is this a pre-revolutionary situation? And the answer to it would depend on how long these will protests continue and what sort of a unified, universal demands they will put forth and express in their chants and slogans.
Power to the People!
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Mostofi Mostofi (@Mostofi) replied to ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) Pinned comment
Power to the people!
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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) replied to Mostofi (@Mostofi) Pinned comment
هم‌اکنون ۱۰ دی‌: حمله دلاورانه مردم معترض کرمانشاه به سرکوب‌گران و فرار نیروهای ضد ملی
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