Why Does U.S. Consider Iran the Greatest Threat to Peace, When Rest of World Agrees It's the U.S.?

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Dream Dream (@Dream) Pinned comment
This is typical Orwellian double speak, "Iran greatest threat to world peace" Real meaning..... Iran has a substantial amount of oil. Iran is friendly with Russia and China, Iran will accept Chinese Yuan's Russian Rubles, or EU euros, as payment for their substantial amounts of oil. Which, if other OPEC countries see this, and follow suit will seek to destroy the Petrodollar, and we have already proven, time and again, that if you fuck with or otherwise try to buck the Petrodollar system, we will show up on your doorstep ready to unleash a can of democracy on your ass, ask Sadam Hussein or Muamaar Quadaffi, they can tell you what happens when you sell your oil in Euros or gold coin... So, actually, Iran is the greatest threat to world peace.... just like they said..... only for reasons vastly different from what they claim.
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Siavash Siavash (@Siavash) replied to Dream (@Dream) Pinned comment
The above comment is trying to make ruling criminal mullahs in Iran innocent. So the problem is America, NOT mullahs.. ha... ha.. ha... The other day another Palestinian was trying to put the blame on Saudi Arabia, NOT mullahs. Another day, another Lebanese was trying to put the blame on Israel, NOT mullahs. Very funny. At the end criminal mullahs come out clean, pure and innocent. ha.ha..ha
Because the writer is very much Uninformed about the politic in the Middle East, I posted a video in the below. The video shows that criminal mullahs sent their thugs to Saudi Arabia posing as pilgrimages but their mission was to provoke other nations against Saudi royal family and America, the great satan. The woman in the video clearly says : "We want destruction of America". That means THREAT. She do NOT say anything about Chinese Yuan, Russian Rubles or EU euros or Petrodollar or Oil. NOT at all. these are fantasy words created by the writer's in the above comment. The woman in the video clearly says "Destruction of America".نابود شدن نام آمریکا Why Destruction of America. ? NOT because of "oil". She wants destruction of America because westerner' values are in contrast with Islamic values. Steve Bannon rightly address the issue in his recent speech. In 1979, political Islam was something new and the Iranians didn't know how to deal with it. Now, westerners are involved and I am sure they will take care of issue very soon.
The writer also failed to discuss about Saddam brutality who massacred over 5000 innocent in one day in the city of Halabcheh or massacre in 1996 of 1200 prisoners and countless abuses at the hands of Gaddafi's regime in the yard of the notorious Abu Salim prison.
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Siavash Siavash (@Siavash) Pinned comment
This video is heart breaking. It shows Saddam brutality. Like I said before, he massacred over 5000 innocent people in one day in city of Halabja. It is NOT about oil.. or Yuan's Russian Rubles...etc that commentator "Dream" wrote in the his/her comment. He or She didn't said anything about it. Those 6 people who approved his/her comment should watch this video carefully.

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