Kudos to MJ Rosenberg for writing this piece!
"Israel is our close ally. We subsidize the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza by providing Israel with the funds to sustain it, not to mention all the weaponry used on repeated wars on the Palestinians (like the wars on Gaza in 2008 and 2012.) Not only that, the United States uses its influence in the United Nations and other international bodies to defend the occupation and the wars on Gaza to ensure that Israel does not pay any price for them.

The bottom line is that we have the unique right to attack Israel’s human rights violations because they are committed with the irreplaceable assistance of our government. After all, as Vice President Joe Biden said, there is “no daylight, no daylight” (yes, he repeated the phrase) between Israel and the United States on matters relating to Israel’s “security” i.e. the occupation and the whole bag of tricks that Israel categorizes as security issues. Hence, Israel’s crimes are our crimes. That is what “no daylight” means in this context."
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Cyrus___ Cyrus___ (@Cyrus___) Pinned comment
I sympathise with the suffering of the Palestinian people, but I think it's time to accept the reality that while the struggle continues, the battle is over and the Arabs lost. There's no nice way of saying it, and it might not be legal, but it's happening anyway. The Arabs were overrun by a superior opponent and the land they occupied is incrementally being repurposed by the victors. This story is as old as humanity, and there is no-one coming to stop it. No-one. What are the established Arab states doing to help their "brothers and sisters" the Palestinians? Very little. They can't take on Israel and win, either. Now, they are more likely to be allied with Israel than fight her. Iran is only there as a thorn in the side of Israel. And the Palestinian leaders, political and armed movements? Not angels, either.
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