What to Pack for a Roadtrip

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3evsv3vk.jpgI travel a lot by car for my job, and sometimes I have to drive for days, spending nights at motels or even in the car if I get too tired. These are my top three things to always have with me.

1. Power bank. I never know when I will get the next charge for my phone, so a power bank is essential. I use one that is enough for at least four full charges

2. Comfortable clothes. Check the weather on Google Play if your destination and pack comfy clothes that are also weather-appropriate.

3. Healthy snacks. It is easy to eat once bored, but rather than eating constantly drive-in food, it is better to have some healthy snacks on hand, such as nuts and dried fruits.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I have shared my truthful and personal sentiments and I haven't been compensated to share them.

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