What is a Top?

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TopTopic uses a member driven voting system called Tops.  When content is submitted, members have the option to Top what they like best.  Members can Top a piece of content once.

If a post receives enough Tops, it is promoted to the homepage of the site and/or the Topic that it was submitted to.  The more Tops a post or comment receives, the higher up the page it will appear and the greater exposure it will receive.

To Top content that you like, simply click the up-arrow  found on a post or comment.  When doing so, your vote will be registered and the total Top count, found below the up-arrow, will increase by 1 Top. 

If you are logged in, give Topping this post a try by clicking the up-arrow at the top of this page, to the left of the title.

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aurora Aurora Afable (@aurora) Pinned comment
So basically, the amount of tops we have is equivalent to the amount of posts here on toptopic? How do we know if people aren't boosting each other's posts?
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Support TopTopic Support (@Support) replied to Aurora Afable (@aurora) Pinned comment
Hi @aurora

A Top is the equivalent of a vote which another TopTopic member applies to your posts and/or comments. If you're looking at the Leaderboard, Tops Received includes Tops and SuperTops. SuperTops are purchased by members in order to cast more than one vote on a piece of content.

More here: toptopic.com/posts/what-is-a-supertop-832

As with any voting system it is possible for friends to vote on each others posts but it would take a lot of this activity to move the content to the top; especially as the community grows. We do watch out for spamming and this type of behavior and of course encourage members to report it as well.

Hope this explanation helps!

- Team TopTopic
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