What is a Comment?

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A comment allows you to express your thoughts on a particular piece of content. 

You can comment on a post by clicking the post title, then scrolling down the page to the comments section.  You can also respond to a comment left by another member in the same comments section.

Comments drive the discussion on TopTopic and often lead to thoughtful, passionate discussions.  At times emotion and context are difficult to convey through simple text communication.  Please give some benefit of the doubt before judging whether another member is being insulting or offensive.  It is important to always remember that you are having discussions with other humans with feelings and emotions just like you.  Sometimes we all have trouble communicating our points in a way that is easily understood.

At all times, be respectful and courteous.  If you are certain a comment is in appropriate or in violation of the site or Topic guidelines, please report the comment and provide a brief description why, so the moderator may take appropriate action.

Please be sure to read our Commenting Policy prior to commenting.

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