Visual and interface cues for comment threading/hierarchy needed

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As we're starting to see greater traffic, I'm finally seeing some longer comment threads on some posts, like this one:

It becomes quickly apparent, IMHO, that we're in need of some visual/interface cues to indicate multiple levels of comment threading/hierarchy.  

One of the best interface strengths of Reddit is how tuned they've made their comment sections - it's super easy to see the threads of conversations as they blossom, and it's key to making the comment areas the real community-driving force they should be.  On Reddit, most of the best content comes from great comments, and we need to be doing everything possible to promote ease of reading and commenting.  

As a separate item (that reminds me!) - we need to establish a "/r/bestof"-equivalent Topic to highlight and curate the best comments that occur on the site, to ensure they catch visibility and are rewarded with Tops and SuperTops - I believe it's a vital and powerful mechanism to drive best-of-class commenting.



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techie Techie (@techie) Pinned comment
Hi @lyncmob , I just had a look at the comment area on that post, I totally see what you mean. whereas comments are long, it's not easy to follow the hierarchy. adding some visuals like some vertical lines could improve it.

Thank you for the suggestion. We'll consider it.
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lyncmob James Philip Morrow (@lyncmob) replied to Techie (@techie) Pinned comment

In case I haven't mentioned it specifically, you and team have done a spectacular job on the interface across all viewing platforms.

Impressed but not surprised by the quality of work!
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techie Techie (@techie) replied to James Philip Morrow (@lyncmob) Pinned comment
Thank you! :)
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said Saïd Amin (@said) Pinned comment
Thanks James! The feedback/suggestions are appreciated. Like you we feel strongly about the importance of comments.

Upgrades: We will soon have a page where all comments (new and best) can be viewed. We will also be adding a rich media editor on comment threads. More to come...
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