Ubud Cycling Tour as Eco-Tourist Activity

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If you happen to have the basic knowledge on everything to do with Ubud Cycling Tour, then you can proceed to the detailed explanation of this tour. This is based on eco-tourism. In that sense, it means that all activities done in the tour will be in line with the mission of nature preservation. It keeps the nature from damage caused by other activities. Therefore, do not be surprised to find that you will also get some first-hand knowledge on the nature in Bali. Nothing is like joining an activity based on nature preservation, isn’t it?

Well, as it is in line with the main goal of Ubud Cycling Tour, it will get you cycle through the preserved and well-cared nature of Ubud along with the richness of its culture. For one of the cycling routes, first thing first, you will be guided to cycle two mounts in Bali: Mount Batur and Mount Agung. Do not worry though; you will not trek to the mount after all. You will just cycle along the road near those mounts after all. Besides, you will also be taken to cycle through the jungle and rice fields to witness how nature and local culture have gone together to create something of amazement.

Now on the itinerary of the Ubud Cycling Tour from ebikesbali.com, you will be picked up after breakfast which is around 8.00, then you will be given a short briefing on what to do and what not to do on the tour. Furthermore, you will be given snacks as your lunch before proceeding to the next tour. Next, go on with your cycling tour to finish the route. Yes, it is a day trip tour, so you will be given full daytrip to finish the tour in the first place. It's very interesting to try, right?

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