U.S. Immigration Policy Is Again Adrift Amid The Presidential Election

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As the rhetoric of the presidential debate intensifies toward the final phase of running two lesser desirable candidates against one other in November, immigrants are once again becoming scapegoats. A sound long-term immigration policy that reunites families of naturalized citizens and attracts and empowers skilled technocrats, scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs to the U.S. is indeed meritorious. Nonetheless, a set of strange bed fellows including the neoconservative president aspirant tramp, and media circus, trampling over the constitution and equal opportunity for all, and trumpet sloganeering over the nation’s trampoline, trump immigration as consisting entirely of “illegal” Latinos crossing the southern border to take away jobs from hard-working ordinary Americans. Unless our nation can stand TALL against such blanket rhetoric of a presidential candidate in particular, who calls Mexicans “murderers and rapists”, the judge of Mexican heritage biased, and implies that all Muslims are “terrorists,” our historical values of justice, due process, habeas corpus, civil discourse and the rule of laware irrevocably damaged, and as a result, our very fabric of the nation and worldwide leadership role are seriously undermined. 

Those self-serving pundits who beat their chests about undocumented workers taking low wage jobs they themselves would never take, would be unhappy paying twice as much for a head of lettuce, or for an American pie, or for the maintenance of their perfectly landscaped lawn. In addition, the hysteria these anti-immigration rhetoric perpetrates, undermines employment and business equal opportunities and career advancement for the legally naturalized Americans or even their U.S. born children; some naturalized Americans even feel their safety and security at work or at home are jeopardized. Several million legal immigrants, having escaped religious and socio-political persecutions in their native region, have arrived in the U.S. shores with prior substantial education or major capitals (brain and wealth drains) for equal opportunities.   The serious debate among this latter cohort nowadays is where to emigrate again, should Neocons take office. One could only surmise, that if all Americans, hypothetically speaking, were to reapply for citizenship through the current most stringent requirements, how many would in reality qualify.

The U.S. leadership and our competitiveness has historically been anchored on robust immigration policy and active engagement worldwide. Hence, the notion of muddying the lines between legal and illegal immigrants is detrimental, not only to the plights and aspirations of millions of immigrants families, but also more importantly, to the overall integrity and health of our nation. Most immigrants, whether documented or not, are not a threat to America: their crime rate and reliance on government subsidies is negligible when compared to U.S. born Americans, whilst their educational and income levels are twice those of the national average. What is even more distressing is the millions of fanfares who cheer for the fallacious demagogueries pontificated by the lowest [intellectual] denomination candidate. The republican front runner took issue with comment by Stephen Hawkins or any other comments he has not liked. He is correct demagogue does not fully capture his character or lack thereof, but a narcissist fascist megalomaniac fit him far more.

As the U.S. must continue to remain a robust immigrant nation, it is imperative that the government make every conceivable effort to uphold the laws for equal opportunity and to safeguard the rights of all citizens including the tax paying and voting legal immigrants, which currently comprise nearly 15%, i.e., over fifty million, but collectively contribute in the several trillions of dollars annually toward the U.S. economy.