Turki al-Faisal announces Massoud Rajavi is dead

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Source: Youtube

At the annual gathering of the Mojahedin Khalq to celebrate armed struggle, Maryam Rajavi praises her husband Massoud Rajavi's leadership of the organisation. The crowd cheers and chants. However, during his speech, Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi spy master, refers to Mrs Rajavi and "the late Massoud Rajavi". The translator does not translate the word 'Marhoum', an expression of condolence in Arabic. But Maryam Rajavi's expression shows clearly enough that she understood exactly what was said.Paris July 2016


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ayatoilet ayatoilet (@ayatoilet) Pinned comment
Turki Al Faisal's speech and comments actually says a great deal. 1) Yes, Massoud died (and if Saudi Arabia is saying so, it means he was hiding in Saudi Arabia, since they are the ones that apparently knew), 2) It also means that the MEK/MKO/MONKEYS are financed by them ... 3) It also means these politicians like Newt and Giuliani who speak often at MEK/MKO/MONKEY rallies are financed by them (they don't speak for free) ... which is interesting since 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabian and Giuliani was NY Mayor??!! A special relationship between Giuliani and Saudi???!!! 4) It also means that Saudi Arabia and Israel are tightly linked, because MEK/MKO/MONKEYS have been doing their bidding inside Iran ... killing Iranian Nuclear scientists. i.e. for Israel, but financed by Saudi Arabia, 5) And finally confirms that ISIS and Syrian rebels are financed by Saudi Arabia since MEK/MKO/MONKEYS have been caught in battle in Syria fighting Assad.

Proof positive that Saudi Arabia is NOT a force for good.
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ashianeh ashianeh (@ashianeh) Pinned comment
What a farce! This cult should be called "Enemies of Kalgh"/Doshmanane-Khalgh"
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