Good Morning America and the world. Well Trump did it. He became president after the media told us how he was Hitler reborn, and was going to send Mexicans to the oven.

Yep! This election sucked if you were a casual voter. For me it was exciting.

Will Trump suck? Hell if I know. But he's an open book. That's actually a plus. Obama was supposed to bring world peace, but we got some extra wars. Maybe Trump, who is supposed to bring the apocalypse, will bring the opposite too.XD

But right now people who are upset should know that 4 years go by quickly. I'm petitioning for Michelle Obama to run in 2019 for the 2020 job. Yes we WILL have a first female president, it's just not going to be Hillary Clinton. And that's O.K. The republic survived (barely) the patriot act, massive NSA surveillance, Dick Cheney as VP, we will weather Donald J. Trump as well.


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lizzy lizzy (@lizzy) Pinned comment
Great commentary Juvus!
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