Trump's Conglomerate Dominion Over The U.S. And The Globe

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Born and raised in Iran, until I left to pursue my doctoral studies in the U.S. where naturalized, I have for nearly four decades served as professor, I share with many Americans the ever intensifying concerns that Donald Trump's executive actions are influenced by his business interests; however, I focus herein on the [Muslim] immigration “ban.”

This ban puts at risk the national security of this country, since it will help recruiting by ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Since 2011, we have in place a strictest vetting process for entry into the U.S. It is a very long and multijurisdictional process that can drag as long as 3-5 years for temporary visa, and up to twenty years for permanent residency or refugee status. Trump’s executive order on ban is essentially the same as above, except he has added the racism element against Muslims and anyone perceived as Muslim.  In doing so, Trump has cancelled 100,000 temporary and family repatriation, and refugee visas, which if they were to be reinstated, all have to go to back of the line.    

Trump has also pandered to the worst radical elements of this country promoting intolerance of Muslims and their religion. The safety, security, and equal opportunity of 50 million naturalized Americans and their U.S. born children have all been threatened by the bigotry and fanaticism, perpetrated by the Trump Administration.   

Many Americans of Iranian heritage as well as those from other largely Muslim countries are even seriously considering to immigrating to Canada, Switzerland, or the Scandinavian countries.  It is, henceforth, imperative that the courts and Congress provide the proper checks and balances to prevent the Trump Administration from taking this country in the wrong direction.

The total number of Iranian-Americans and their U.S. Born children and relatives, as well as student, tourists, scholars and business Visitors from Iran, is substantially larger many folds than the sum of the six remaining counties on the “ban” combined. Among the many sectors within the American society adversely impacted by Trump’s “immigration ban,” the one million Americans of Iranian heritage and their families are impacted most severely. They can no longer travel to their country of birth or ancestry, where most still have close family and cultural ties. Furthermore, their families from Iran can't visit with them in the U.S. either. It is very painful for an Iranian grandmother not to be able to visit her American grandchildren for a short while. This is a misguided and inhumane executive order, antithetical to American values.  The executive order doesn't promote national security but serves to fragment families, intimidates educated and productive Americans to leave our country, and deters highly educated foreign nationals many from Iran with large capitals, from considering to immigrate to the U.S.  The Ban has torn apart the very fabric of this great nation. The Trump Administration should not be allowed to violate the constitutional rights of the nearly 50 million recent immigrant naturalized Americans and their U.S. born children. Does President Trump really want to make America great? If so why is he working to destroy families of very productive and law abiding immigrants as the Iranian-Americans and their U.S. born offspring? Does he not recognize that Iranians especially those naturalized in the U.S. are by and large secular, spiritual citizens, despite their having lineage in one or more the following religions or faiths: Islam, Armenian Assyrian Christianity, Baha’ism, Judaism, Mysticism, and Zoroastrianism?

What is great about this country is the outpouring of opposition by Americans to Trump’s “ban” and his other ill-conceived executive orders. This has been expressed by millions through demonstrations, petition drives, calling elected officials in Congress, organizing political actions, filing lawsuits, etc. Public opinion outside the U.S. mirrors the opposing reaction of many Americans to the executive order and other policies of the Trump Administration promoting intolerance.  

Are Trump's actions simply misguided or they are in reality driven by personal gain? Putin clearly would like the U.S. and the western world to be destabilized. Does Trump want the same outcome as Putin? Is Putin holding Kompromat on Trump to blackmail him and by his extension compromise our national security, safety and sovereignty? One would hope not, but perhaps are there financial or other improprieties between the two heads of States? Trump continues to fail to disclose his tax returns and avoids making his conglomerate and trust 100% blind. What specific illegalities is he afraid for the Americans to discover?

Six of the seven countries on the “ban” list are already decimated by the U.S. or our so-called allies. Is Trump intent on imposing heavy sanctions against the seventh Iran, to turn the 80 million American loving ordinary Iranians against us, and then follow with the usual preemptive military strikes to ruin the ancient country? Would the Americans once again stand for such illegal injustice?   

Trump policies in other areas also damage this already great country. He is pushing to weaken Dodd–Frank Act, and other laws such as consumer safety, and clean air water acts.

Finally Trump gives every indication of being psychologically unbalanced. This is in addition to, his megalomaniac, self-indulgent, egocentric behavior and bovarism. Not the kind of individual who should be entrusted with nuclear weapons buttons, nor should he be entrusted with the leadership of this already great Nation and the world for that matter.   

As the American Phoenix rises from ashes, so is its Persian mythological equivalent since antiquity Simorgh.  Simorgh is a majestic bird enshrined in every Iranian psyche, which in essence is aesthetically composed of 30 birds ascending in unison and harmoniously as ONE. Simorph conjure up the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum” meaning “out of many, one.” The latter is our American Motto since the nation’s founding in 1776, and as it is engraved on our money. Simorgh has repeatedly been invoked in Shahnameh the 30,000 verse poem epic compendium the Persian Kings of over a millennium ago by Poet Ferdowsi (Paradiso.) Before it is too little too late, We the American People must rise and stand up united, put aside minor differences and legally take back our country via 100% voting turn outs; first the House and the Senate in two years, and the presidency in four years.

The U.S. as a nation has been loved by many world citizens, including millions of Iranians, who despite their government repressions spontaneously poured into the streets in millions to hold candlelight vigils and flower wreaths in honor of those innocents killed by the despicable terrorist acts on September 11, and to cherish American values. Unfortunately the Trump Administration doesn’t espouse American values.  Our Nation deserves an urgent back to normal state of mind and equal opportunity for us all.