Top Topic Shutting Down:(

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I was devastated when I logged in and read:

"We gave it our best shot but have unfortunately fallen short in gaining traction and raising the necessary funds to keep TopTopic going. As a result we will be shutting down the site in the next few days. Many thanks to those of you who have been regular contributors. Your participation has been both inspirational and humbling. Please email me ( with any inquires. Thanks."

Is there anything we contributors can do to help?

Thanks for imagining a better online platform.

Kind regards



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MohammadAla Mohammad Ala (@MohammadAla) Pinned comment
It cost money to run any business.

I was registered, used my real name, and purchased coins. Many people who posted did not do these, especially purchasing coins. $300 to $500 vs. $50 to less than $100 will not run a business.

I like this site and participated and posted when time permitted. It was useful and entertaining. I am also sorry to read that it will be shut down in few days.

It was good to meet some of you. I will write and participate in other forms. Keep in touch and cheers to all of you.
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rap rap (@rap) replied to Mohammad Ala (@MohammadAla) Pinned comment
As a brand new member to this site I followed the rules and although I couldn't afford to purchase $300 - $500, when I attempted to do what I could afford which was $50 to less, it wouldn't go through. I tried twice before even posting content. After my first approved post I thought I would attempt to purchase coins again however I needed to make sure that the other 2 purchases that didn't go through promptly were not alive anymore and I had no way to find out. I searched and searched for answers and decided I'd try purchasing once I had $ to cover the previous ones that didn't register in my toptopic or bank acct.
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ashianeh ashianeh (@ashianeh) replied to Mohammad Ala (@MohammadAla) Pinned comment
I also contributed coins but unfortunately not enough to keep it going. I loved the site and its healthy and civil interactions and will definitely miss all of those that I got to know through their posts and comments.
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themedipedia themedipedia (@themedipedia) Pinned comment
Just want say that Toptopic been a great website to share and read storis worth reading. Thank you. Prayers for you.

Haseeb Ahmad
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rap rap (@rap) Pinned comment
I'll try to make this my last rant about toptopic shutting down. Maybe I misunderstood the article I read about the idea behind toptopic but I believe it started out with the awesome idea that there wouldn't be advertisers (as has been suggested in these comments), and corporations riding off the backs of regular people.

In these times, people all over the world who have used Twitter and Facebook in the past to have their voices heard, share media that mainstream media does not report on, and to connect with one another, are discovering the massive censorships and shutdowns of dissenting voices by those in power.

Of course, making $ is necessary. It's another reason I chose to join toptopic. But it is the 2nd reason. Not my first. I already post to Twitter, and make no money and am not proud to be posting on a platform that suppresses others at their whim or at the whim of corporate powers.

I wish I were business brilliant and could come up with an awesome plan to maintain this site...

Thanks to each of you who have taken the time to post and to participate in the posts that I have submitted. I really appreciate the respectful attitudes that I have experienced during my short existence here.

I've earned a few coins during my short stay. Thanks! What is the best way to spend them at this point, since the site is shutting down? Should I (we) pass these coins along to said and the staff at toptopic?

Peace and kindness to all.
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pokemongirl Pokemongirl (@pokemongirl) replied to rap (@rap) Pinned comment
I think we should pass the coins along to Said and the Staff at toptopic. It would help them out the most since the website is most likely going to be shut down.
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iraj iraj (@iraj) Pinned comment
Toptopic is shutting down.
What's to be done?
Moving forward towards site, that's the way to go.
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iraj iraj (@iraj) Pinned comment
On the second reading,
You may not have to close toptopic site.
Keep it open but with some changes made, less staff time is spent on it.
-For example stop paying for articles that will eliminate lots of hours spent supporting those options.
-Post advertisement, etc.
Why keeping toptopic open?
Because toptopic site is the voice of the site, they complete each other.
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kappy kappy (@kappy) Pinned comment
It is sad...this is a way better site than a big media one like Facebook eventhough its usefull for contact it taken over my memes and idiocy. Still is a grate online platform with or with out the boost
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iraj iraj (@iraj) Pinned comment
So are we in or out and about?
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pokemongirl Pokemongirl (@pokemongirl) Pinned comment
I’m going to miss this website. Unfortunately, I could not purchase coins with what I had as well. I really wish there was a way to keep Toptopic from shutting down. I’m very upset about it. I’m going to miss all of you guys. This website seemed to be one of the only places I was at the very least, somewhat accepted. Now that this website is being shut down, I’m not going to have much to do, again. I won’t really get to share opinions without being hated for how I feel about certain things, because everywhere else, Everything for me ends up in chaos. At least you guys didn’t do that. ;-;
I hope you guys will have it better than me.
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iraj iraj (@iraj) Pinned comment
Salam Said,
Per your idea in regards to creating a section called forum on
Forum / Community section is a very good idea to have on Iranian site. It will bring along the old-timers of the Iranian site and also the ones who joined afterwards. It will become more Interactive and bringing more visitors to the site. And hopefully create more revenue for the site to pay its bills.
The right combinations of Iranian site and toptop site will be a very interesting and successful site.
Thank you.
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