To Russia With Love?!

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Trump-Putin-russia-with-loveTrump’s naïveté in exposing the historic truth of American Exceptionalism

Trump’s response to Fox TV’s Bill O’Reilly’s question regarding his kinship affinity for Vladimir Putin turned Russian Tsar and portrayed as a “killer” was: “There are many killers everywhere. I have respect for Putin. But, do you really think our country is innocent? Are you overlooking what we just did in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya?” This statement verbatim has fractured the spine of the GOP establishment, many of whom have as odd bedfellows, rejoined the majority of disgruntled Americans opposed to Trump and his twit-driven and sensationalized policies; this has also exposed vulnerable the U.S. long-standing strategic foreign policy that has at its best yielded mixed results.  As if that in and of itself was not sufficiently damaging, the General Michael Flynn’s conferencing with Kremlin before Trump’s inauguration and while Obama was still in office, reassuring the Russians of removing sanctions against them, forcing him to resign, has cast a heavy and dark cloud over the new administration. This is the tip of an iceberg of improprieties, as the phrase To Russia with Love, metamorphed to fatal attraction, might once again be in serious jeopardy.  It is inconceivable that Trump had not asked Flynn to call the Russians to make promises for their hacking of the election. Trump has, and will remain as the sole decision maker of his administration, Hence, the merit and urgent need for a truly independent investigative tribunal to probe the Trump administration for the upholding of our constitution, integrity of our government and our rational commitment to the world, is in order, before the current status quo wreaks havoc domestically and internationally.  

Trump, due in part to his naïveté, all-consuming appetite for media attention and his lack of political expediency, has now let the cat out of the hat. In other words, his statement on Russia alludes, those who live in glass houses, even the biggest glass house, should not any longer cast the first stone. This has shaken the self-indulgent American’s exceptionalism at its foundation; the long-standing modus operandi of American foreign policy: “Do what I say and NOT as I do.” The U.S. and its so-called allies and proxies cannot any longer rationalize superiority by exerting inequivalent standards and expectations such as those regarding human rights or nuclear proliferations upon different governments in order to expand political and economic spheres of hegemonies worldwide. What remains most perplexing however, is Trump’s underlying motive to be perceived as an outsider excusive of the political circus, an independent left liberal when blaming American past foreign policy failure on the one hand, and then immediately reappearing from the opposite extreme conservative right side of the spectrum on empowering the right wing, whether it be it KKK hoodlums and hooligans in the U.S. or the radical ISIS overseas, on the other.  Trump’s tactics, be it with his family, his Trust conglomerate, his Apprentice sitcom, the White House, the U.S. as a whole or even the world, is to instigate conflicts, crisis, and chaos with controversial comments, thereafter allowing it to percolate while he watches it on the sideline. Finally, he joins the winner last minute and swallows the spoilage. Undoubtedly, he must know that his “ban” was orchestrated and trumpeted to rile up racism and sexism in the U.S., and especially to alienate the millions of patriotic secular Muslim Americans to curtail their long-standing pledge of full cooperation for enhancing the national security of the U.S.  By the same token, his “ban” has, as predicated, become the most effective recruiting tool by not only the domestic “right-winged” movement, but also by ISIS and as predicated terrorist organizations worldwide.

Notwithstanding the increasingly intensifying U.S. foreign policies of the past century that have exploited and pillaged the natural resources and human capitals of many countries worldwide, Trump’s direct expression of the truth be told as above, should usher in a new era of mutual respect and reciprocal relationship between the U.S. and other countries. Stabilizing geopolitics through non-confrontational paradigm should bring about a much yearned surreal ambiance for the southwestern Asian (N.E. aka M.E.) nations to sustain their sovereignty and security, while fulfilling their homegrown reforms, freedoms and equality. This will then bring in an optimally conducive platform for multilateral trade and economic exchange that benefits all along with the United States of America, and who knows the Trump clan too!   

The United States of America was founded by its forefathers’ foresights 241 years ago; the founding of this sovereign nation actually preceded by the arrival of earlier Viking settlers 500 years before Christopher Columbus’ birthday, and even more distant, by the arrival of the Siberian Asian hunter-gatherer-foragers crossing the Bering Sea for warmer and fertile territories 15,000 years ago. Since its inception, the U.S., guided by its Constitution and the Bill of Rights, has remained a vibrant and secular model nation of immigrants and the beacon of tolerance, hope and equality, for all those who have fled their ancestral homelands to explore and develop new equal opportunities, to escape religious, racial or ethnic persecutions, to safeguard a better socio-economic life for their children, to be treated with respect and dignity as equals, and last but not least, to have their rights for freedom of thoughts, expressions and assembly, democracy, due process, presumption of innocence unless proven guilty in a court of law operating on blind justice and only with [indecent] competent legal representation ( Habeas corpus), guaranteed.

For most of its 500 years of history, America has remained predominantly a puritan agriculturally-driven and somewhat autonomously self-sufficient and secluded community. The U.S. provided effective leadership to win the WWI and II. America achieved triumphs mainly to the rapid transformation of oil and gas agricultural machinery to warfare manufacturing. In essence, the U.S. instituted the global neocolonialism and as the European colonialism dwindled. The U.S. then became adversarial to its once major ally the Soviet Union, and superseded its communism and the Warsaw Pact, when it created NATO. As a result, the utopic idealism of equality, due process and justice, that had over time been enshrined into the Constitution, thereby giving rise to the emergence of a middle class majority in the homeland, led to a fundamentally different paradigm overseas that was antithetical to the very founding of this Nation. The proliferation of modern products and the military industrial complex as President Eisenhower called it, necessitated the U.S. to create and adhere to two major global tactics to survive, expand market and thrive at home: import of cheap oil/gas and natural resources along with human brain drains to produce cheap products for the comfortable sustenance of Americans, and export to the world markets the consumer products and military hardware and services. In retrospect, some constitutional historians conclude that there was indeed a strongly embedded sense of global business enterprise encoded into the Constitution to safeguard the ever-expansive generation and accumulation of wealth for the few capitalists at the helm, whilst even ordinary Americans were tolerated with certain minimal rights in that context. 

Whereas the U.S. exploited incapacitating communism to some aka atheism as the pretext to justify their ever expansionist exploitations of smaller nations, it was the ideologicalized Islam as an aggrandized pariah that suddenly replaced communism after its demise in the last decade of the 20th century. Consequentially, up to one hundred covert, overt and increasingly preemptive military American strikes and drone missions have been carried out with heavy tolls on the yoke of the American middle class, never mind the same with exorbitant cost inflicted on nations hegemonized. This has steadily led to government overthrows and by anointing puppet gendarme regimes under the fictitious propaganda of [nation building], democracy and other hoax promises.  In reality, however, the main ulterior motive has been to protect the American conglomerate interests, especially in Southwest Asia with vast natural resources, deep pockets and junk markets, which continues to unravel today.  The American ulterior motive has never been to provide more than a façade of quasi-reforms in these countries, but rather, to protect the capitalistic interests of the conglomerates as typified by Trump’s and to remain the paramount focus. Skeptics may claim there are dividends (cheap gas and commodities, and a pseudo sense of American Rambo-style supremacy) from such overseas adventurisms, passed on to the American middle class.  The major principle violated, which the powerhouse astutely keeps off the table, is the middle class carries the financial burden and that of life, by sacrificing for a few bread-crumbs dropped down the high dais of the 1% superrich as Trump and Associates. The shear fact that notwithstanding all the above trials and attributions, and terms of endearments inflicted in over-the-seas hotspots and with odd bedfellows as culprits, has not led to their yearning to emulate the American ideals, has since remained moot and unfulfilled. 

Déjà vu all over again. It is as if the so-called “three-fifth compromise”, i.e., equivalent to 60% human, as bestowed generously by the white oligarchs and aristocrats to innocent humans like those who have been born as black and enslaved under the Constitution back in 1787, has been resurrected again to now be imposed to most overseas people, especially the impoverished colored and the Muslims, barely breathing on savage fields rich in oil and gas, to remain deprived from the most crucial basic elements of hope and sustenance,  as if they each is only counted as the square root of the three-fifth, 10% hominid, in the 21st century!? Trump’s trumpeting and sloganeering of “Islamic Radicalism” did not exist till the 18th century when the British fabricated the Saudi Wahhabism and later Shi’ism, followed by the Americans supporting the Islamic radicals to deter communism, which later led to Al-Qaeda and DAESH aka ISIS.  So, those who perpetrate the battle of civilizations from the orient vs. the occident or the struggle between uncivilized and undemocratic Islam vs. the civilized and democratic Judea-Christian spheres are either congenitally misinformed, misguided and ignorant, or, is more likely the culprit to divide and conquer.

After all, why has there existed a global consensus for centuries, that the epics of Gilgamesh and other mythologies of Mesopotamia, complemented by Zoroastrianism, Mithraism and Hinduism led to Judaism which in turn led to Christianity and finally its latest version called Islam?! Don’t the 50 plus million evangelical Christian who support Trump believe in the returns of all Jews to Israel to build the Solomon Temple so their messiah Jesus return for the Battle of Armageddon at Israel’s Meggido, when the Jews must either become Christian or die?  Does its not logic prescribe to a two-state solution, Israel and Palestine, secured and prosperous? And now that such option is expired, why is it that we don’t bring about justice and peace to the small strip of land east of the Mediterranean Sea, as one secular country of up to 15 million humans, wherein every single citizen, be it Jews, Muslim, Christian, Agnostic, atheist will each have one vote? Our government’s actions, contrary to the above, compels everyone to conclude that the creation and perpetration of an impasse justifies our meddling and military strikes in the region.

Among the seven countries listed under Trump’s “Immigration Ban,” Iran is the most populous with 80 million, and the most ancient ten plus millennia in the making along 2,500 years of continuous government since Cyrus the Great of the Persian Achaemenes Empire. Many historians consider the emergence of the theocratic and undemocratic government in 1979 as an inevitable outcome of the chronic interference of the American government after Iran’s nationalization its oil and gas, and successfully defended its legitimate rights against the Anglo-American consortium at the International Court of Justice in The Hague in 1953. The only ever democratically elected government of Dr. Mosadegh in Iran was covertly overthrown by financing and direction under the Americans in a coup d'état called Ajax. This in turn led to the return of the Shah to the Peacock Throne as the absolute monarch. Iranians have for 200 years yearned and struggled to fulfill their homegrown reforms, democracy, transparency, equality, accountability, meritocracy, justice and peace. However, over and over again, such ideals have been impended when the nation’s sovereignty and security become compromised by the Western colonists followed by post-colonial capitalism and imperialists. And as odd bedfellows as they may seem, such external provocations has provided pretext to internal governments to dodge the longing of Iranians for a fair government as human and civil rights, rule of law and blind justice, and equality under the rule of the law is blatantly violated.

By the same token, the aspiration of Iranians for reforms, democracy, freedoms, sovereignty, security, and transparency, as yearned for since the 1907 Constitutional Monarchy, and preceded by the millennia-long absolute monarchy, regressed again in devastating measure post 1979; all progressive forces were pushed aside, exiled, tortured, killed and maimed by the new Shiite clergy establishment. Iran, due to its rich history and oil and gas, has remained the envy of the predatory capitalist conglomerates as Trump for exploitation and pillage. Despite the eternal yearning of the Iranians for a secularly reformed and democratic government, civil liberty, rule of law and blind justice, they take one step forward and few steps back as triggered by external hegemonic threats of sanctions, military strikes, and demonization of people, followed by repression of undemocratic rulers inside. This panic attack and perpetual state of anxiety has been encoded into the psyche of Iranians for generations. It only becomes stronger as they hopelessly witness on the sidelines the catastrophic outcomes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, etc. by the Americans in the name of nation (re-)building, democracy and westernization. As a result, Iranians swallow their pride to overcome the otherwise conundrum they have faced over and over again, so long as their relative security and minimal sustenance is safeguarded by the government, albeit an undemocratic one. With the richest oil, gas and natural resource assets, and with highly educated human capital, Iran has had an annual mass exodus of 150,000 highly talented technocrats with advanced degrees per year since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. This has led to over five million Iranian immigrants worldwide, one million of whom are American citizens.   

Epitomizing, the U.S. has and should still continue to be the beacon of hope and opportunity, not only to its own citizens and the vibrant immigrants it invites in, but equally important to the aspiration of world citizens to fulfill their own educational, socio-political and economic developments. A dollar for humanitarian and peaceful purposes will inextricably be far more effective that a bullet cost the same. This tall order cannot any longer be delivered down the barrel of a gun as Marshall Plan post WWII in Europe. The Paradigm shift for a Win-win modus operandi for all concerned, and not the lingering lose-lose of the past few decades in southwest Asia must prevail.