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AhmadKasravy AhmadKasravy (@AhmadKasravy) Pinned comment
This is interesting reporting on a subject that needs to be covered much more in our discussions and writings. Retrieving our pre-Islamic heritage and culture should become one of our highest priorities.
I would also like to use this opportunity to point out a fact which was not fully explored and inadequately addressed in here; this concerns the continuous destructive effect Islam has had on our history and how it has forced many Iranians to leave their country and take exile outside of Iran.
In this report we read only about the original exodus of Iranians to India (eighth century A.D) escaping the violence of invading Muslims.
Iranians were forced to leave Iran en mass again five hundred years ago, when Safavieh violently forced Shiaism as the 'official' state-religion in our land.
The latest episode of Iranians unwillingly leaving their country has begun 37 years ago and is a process still in continuum. Iran has the largest brain drain in the world.
Shia clergy's politicization of Islam in the recent past has greatly delegitimized it as a political discourse, it shall be beneficial for all of us to recall our pre-Islamic heritage and gain a critical appreciation of it.
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ashianeh ashianeh (@ashianeh) Pinned comment
As always an informative read. Thanks for sharing
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