Things that you should ask a Business Development Expert before start an Ecommerce business

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Starting an Ecommerce business is an easy process in the current trend. There are lots of Ecommerce Website Builders readily available that can build your website easily. But, before choosing an Ecommerce website, how can you identify that whether they are capable to build your website. So, in this blog we have listed out some question that you can ask a Business Development Expert before you choose your Website Builder. This will help you to choose the right website builder in the market.

Know how their technology can help to improve your business

Asking this question will help you to know about the company in a very well manner. This helps you to measure their knowledge in technology. Only if they are strong enough with the technical stuff they can deliver you what exactly you are looking for. So, shooting up this question will help to know whether to choose the company or not.

Tell them your Exact Goal and ask them how they are going to work on your project

This will help you to evaluate to company’s involvement towards your project. A well narrated business plan will always lead the business to success. If the company is capable of explaining the work procedure in a well elaborated manner, it means they are capable of building your small business in the right manner. 

Ask whether you should go with Multivendor or single vendor?

If the Business Development Expert has a sound knowledge in his profession, he will shoot out you with these questions before suggestion you the vendor type. Some of the questions are:

  • What products do you require?
  • What quality levels are you seeking?
  • What stock levels do you require?
  • How often do you require delivery?
  • What price points are you seeking?

Enquire about the types of Payment Gateway they provide

Payments are always considered as a complicated step in an Ecommerce business. Before making a purchase, a customer will always look for their convenient payment gateways. Only if they are satisfied with the payment gateway, they will continue the purchase. So, enquire about the types of payment gateways they provide.

Know about their Shipment partners

Your carrier selection must align with your customers’ shipping preferences. For your information, most of the shopping cart abandonment happens because of poor shipment. So, it is better to know about the company’s shipping partner, their delivery location, delivery rate, service level expectations, responsiveness and technology.

Want more traffic and more sales for your online store? 

Some of the actionable Marketing Tactics to Drive Sales.

Product Upsell 

Upselling  of product is nothing but the effort of merchants to sell you a slightly more expensive product when you consider a product.

This results in massive increase on the sale. According to a research, up selling of products are 20 time more efficient and profitable than cross-selling. In some case, you customer will mot the aware that a better product is available or they might be convinced that some other similar product may be a good option to satisfy their needs. 

At this moment, some of the question like, “would you like to buy this along with your purchase?” will definitely pull the customer’s attraction and tempt the to buy that. This will help you to increase the sale. Here is an example of upselling.

2p7hbzdm.jpgThere are two keys to upselling:

1) Building your upsells associated to the original product and  

2) Being sensitive to the price range of your customers.

It is important to remember that your product need to satisfy the actual needs of your customer and that they might not be very enthusiastic about a higher product price once they have an anchor price in mind. So, the customer should feel that the new product is be better than the original.

Instagram Integration:

Instagram gives a brand 25% extra engagement than any other social media platforms.

tac38cdu.jpgIf you use the right hashtags, appropriate filters, and post at the right times, then you’re well on your way to building a big following on Instagram. The solution to mastering Instagram promotion is commitment with your users.

Some of the best ways to engage with your audience can be done by running campaigns or contests, going behind the scenes for your products, and most importantly, showing pictures of your customers using your products. These are known as user-generated photos and it is a best way to demonstrate that to your customers that you have many satisfied customers.

User-generated photos are a great way to generate social proof. Most of the potential customers will find that your products are being purchased regularly by people just like them and will feel comfortable by doing something that is done by others. 

Reduce Abandoned Carts

Worried about losing money by missing out on potential orders? Don’t worry too much, each and every online store is facing the same problem and it is quite common in the ecommerce business.

2332ncvn.jpgDo you know why it happens? Customers add items to their carts but abandon their carts during checkout. According to a study, 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned before they’re completed.  

So, instead of worrying, know how you can resolve this issue and it is always an easy task. Because a large number of customers those abandoned their carts may still be convinced to complete their purchase. Possibly they are capable of convinced with a discount or no cost shipping, or possibly they never even meant to exit from their cart in the first place because their computer crashed.

So, one of the simple yet an efficient ways to reduce the incidence of abandoned carts can be done by Email Recovery Campaign. It helps you to convince your customer to complete their purchase.

So go ahead. Create a best email that persuades your customer to come again to their cart. You can complete this effortlessly in the Shopify admin.

Launch a Facebook Store

Facebook is of the best social platform for marketing your products.

pxlxo1vq.jpgThe Facebook store is an application that has been developed to showcase and sell your products directly on your Facebook page. It allows the customers to share their favorite products with their friends. One of the best features of the application is the Like-gating. It allows only the users who have liked your Facebook page to view your store.

Facebook is not only a great source of traffic but you can also sell directly on Facebook with a Facebook Store. It’s easy to set up, and a great channel for making sales.

Make it easier for customers to reach you on the biggest social media platform in the world.

Capture More Email Subscribers

Email is one of the greatest ways to spread your online marketing. It brings lots of traffic to your store, boosts content marketing and outperforms both Facebook and Twitter to generate sales.

j1bmhity.jpgEmail marketing works in a better manner to increase the sale. A survey says that: 

  • According to Direct Marketing Association, Email has an Return On Investment  of around 4,300%
  • More than 80% of online users say that they are receiving marketing messages along with their personal message on daily basis.
  • About 70% of people make use of coupons or discounts they learn from email.
  • And more than 60% of people say that they receive special offers and it is the top reasons to subscribe to an Email list from a business. 

Think about it. There are way too many tweets and Facebook posts for us to keep with, but people still cherish new messages sent to their personal emails. Plus, email gives you the space to say things that just can’t fit into a social media post.

Improve Your Email Campaigns

It’s not enough to capture a bunch of email addresses. You are advised to send them regular emails.

e7fexcb7.jpgThere are numerous instances for sending emails to facilitate your subscribers.

For example, send out a welcome email as soon as a customer signs up. These have among the highest open rates of any marketing emails.

Or, write an email to let your customer know that his order is being processed and is on the way out. He’d love to know that what he ordered will be arriving soon.

One more example for you: Send out regular newsletters, and let subscribers know of new discount offers, product tips, and fun company news.


Use Wishlist Reminder Emails 

The Wishlist Reminder Email is more or less similar to the Abandoned Cart Email. Both are supposed to convince you take the final step in purchasing the product that you’ve had the intent to buy. 

Has it been a while since someone has checked in on his wishlist? Have an item on sale that’s been put into a lot of wishlists? Will it soon be sold out? Send out an email to let your customer know. 

It may just be the trigger they need to purchase the item. 

Easy Accessibility for the Customers 

A well designed online store will bring lots of potential customers to the store and a poorly designed website will lead to lose your customers.  

1j3i28la.jpgA poor website design in the sense: lacking a clear value proposition, not writing good product descriptions, and difficult navigation. This will definitely make the customer more disappointed. 

Though you have improved every above mentioned aspect, still you could be committing some Ecommerce design mistakes.  Are you appropriately fragmenting your products or simply putting several products on a page? Have you found the precise stability between text and visuals? These are all things that you should consider.

There are lots of ways for you to improve your store. If your theme isn’t actually converting fine for you, look for some other great themes offered by Shopify. 

Generate More Product Reviews 

e3akuvu9.jpgA survey says that, you can increase the conversion rate from your Ecommerce rate by 14-76% by simply adding product reviews to your online store. 

There are two reasons behind this: 

Social proof: Product reviews are a form of testimonials. You see immediately what people are saying about a product that you’re considering purchasing. 

SEO: Having product reviews increases the amount of content on a page and also increases the probability that you hit a few long tail keywords.

Improve Your Ad Spending 

u4cl46bm.jpgIf you are experimental in your ad spending then you must be trying this out some slight variation on your keywords bids regularly to find a good niche. 

One of the right ways to attract potential customers to your store can be done with the help of Google Adwords campaign. This helps your store to show up in Google when people search for your keywords. 

Once after advertising on Google, try to advertise on Facebook too. Do not leave social media carelessly. It creates a huge impact on your sale if it is done in the right way. 

So, just play around and see what kind of ads work for you.

Engage With Your Visitors 

Engaging with your customer doesn’t mean just asking your visitor to subscribe to your Email newsletter. There are many more possible ways to engage them on your store. 

For, instance, you can direct your customers to visit your social media profiles. And if you have an active Facebook page or a gorgeous Instagram feed, then you can make use of the “Follow Us” button more prominent on your homepage. 

Feature your blog more actively and provide more valuable contents. It is an advice for every Ecommerce store to maintain blog regularly in order to stay connected with their customers and to rank better for SEO.

At the same time, try to offer promotions on your products. Everyone likes a special offer. 

One of the most prominent ways to do all these things can be done by using an on-site pop-up to capture emails, link to your social media profiles, or promoting a product. 

Do Market Research and Anticipate Future Sales 

73e15jjg.jpgIf you are having an idea to expand your product line or add new products, then it is necessary for you to evaluate the market demand in order to find out if it is worth the cost. 

This can be done with the help of keyword research, geographic validation, and looking at social media trends. 

Another creative way to test out your market is: Pre-selling items, or listing them as out of stock, and see how many people place sales. 

So, if you are considering selling anyone out of the three items, create pages for all of them and place them on your store. Provide a quality image with a descriptive text. Then list them as “out of stock” and figure out which one gets more attention in terms of orders placed and notification request when the products are restocked. That’s the one to sell.  


So, these are some of the things that you need to carry out after choosing your Ecommerce site builders. Concentrating on these terms will definitely bring lots of potential customers to your store and increase the revenue of your store.

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