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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) Pinned comment
Marx is an amazing historical figure, exerting influence long after his life. In a BBC survey conducted almost ten years ago, he was voted the number one intellectual figure of the 20th century (though he lived in the 19th century!).
But above all he was still a human being, an incredibly bright and educated though, with all the imitations & shortcomings (both political & personal) which all human beings are subjected to.
Most of these, political & personal, limitations and shortcomings occurred when he was not a young man. So naturally none of them would be covered in this movie. But they should be paid attention to, especially in the light of how even toady there are still childish narratives elevating Marx to an infallible figure free of any mistakes or limitations.
More on this later on.
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