The World's Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

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Some places are just naturally endowed with romance and these places make some of the most memorable honeymoon destinations in the world. Visiting such places makes you feel as though you have stepped into some fairytale world far removed from the mundane reality of your lives. This charm not only gives you great experiences but also paints your memories bright with its cheerful colours. A honeymoon deserves the best, and so we bring to you some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations around the world


diz8qk79.jpgA soft and sweet country with a long heritage, Italy is a wonderful honeymoon destination for lovers. Not only does the country have a host of romantic cities like Venice, Florence, and Naples, it is also home to a rich and varies natural landscape. The scenic Amalfi Coast is a great place for solitude-craving couples as are Cinque Terre, Villa d’Este, and the island of Ponza. Verona, the hometown of Romeo and Juliet is another must-visit. Enterprising couples can also simply rent a car and drive along the long empty countryside of Italy for a romantic honeymoon. 


u2sqaoqq.jpgSantorini is one of the top choices for an European honeymoon, and for good reason. The sparkling waters and the shimmering beaches that the island is blessed with are a honeymooner’s paradise. Plenty of water sports and sun bathing can be indulged in on the colourful beaches, and the luxury resorts that dot the island are an added bonus. Natural thermal spas and soul-soothing views only add to the magnificence of Santorini as a honeymoon destination


rfjytkcy.jpgA country which has something for everybody, Thailand is a marvellous honeymoon destination for both party-lovers and solitude-seekers alike. The cities of Thailand, like Bangkok and Phuket are wonderful places for parties and shopping and you can also enjoy the beaches and the water sports here. But if you are looking for remote locations far from crowds, Thailand’s many solitary islands are your answer. Here you can luxuriously enjoy silken sands and crystal-clear waters that add spice to your romantic honeymoon. 

 South Africa

8ut6zn1v.jpgWildlife safaris, dazzlingly blue beaches, melt-in-the-mouth food, and balmy weather year-round make South Africa a country to reckon with when it comes to honeymoon destinations. The diverse range of activities you can enjoy in South Africa alone make it a good destination. But the landscapes that the eye is treated to, whether in the cities or in the wild, make South Africa a truly marvellous honeymoon destination. Your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon deserves to be spent in such a once-in-a-lifetime country. 

 New Zealand

gbumtxvi.jpgCosmopolitan meets natural in New Zealand, and this unique blend makes it a perfect honeymoon destination. Pretty landscapes enrich the country, but there is also an element of the untamed in the air that adds zest to the ambience that pervades the country. The cities are enjoyable because of the elegance and sophistication that blends so unobtrusively with the bustling activity. Some of the best places to visit when in New Zealand include Coromandel Peninsula, Waiheke Island, Milford Sound, Dunedin, and Fox Glacier apart from the main cities.


fne4zyj1.jpgSwitzerland has long held the crown for one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Few places can beat the fairytale charm of the sweet-scented winding roads marked by quaint towns and villages, and surrounded all around by the snow-capped Alpine mountains. There is romance in the air of Switzerland and everyone who treads inside feels it. Hike along the long roads and stop to eat and drink in the quaint cafes, boat upon the clear lakes wherein are mirrored the tall mountains, and simply feel the poetic beauty that fills Switzerland with romance. 


qj1smrbf.jpgA small country rich in nature’s bounty, Bali is a great honeymoon destination for couples who wish to enjoy a honeymoon by the sea. The country is surrounded by a large archipelago which makes it a marvellous diving and snorkelling site. Exotic flora and fauna fill its seas, and the seas are home to several shallow corals that colour the landscape with their bright hues. The beaches are ideal for relaxation, and the rice paddies and volcanic mountains in the countryside are idyllic places for a soothing and romantic drive. And if you are looking to party hard, Kuta’s nightlife is supposed to be great.


d9q3vocz.jpgThe Eiffel Tower can with justice be renamed the Tower of Romance. The iconic tower is one of the most romantic sights in the world, and hordes of couples visit the monument yearly to pay homage to their love. But Eiffel Tower, and Paris are not the only places to visit when in France for a honeymoon. The south coast of France is a wonderful place full of exotic beaches, and Burgundy in the north-west is a fantastic region full of romance too. 


te2sdcc6.jpgGraceful fjords, magical Aurora Borealis lights, sharp and cool winds, and sophisticated cities make Norway a fairytale honeymoon destination. The lakes and the fjords come alive in the summer months, and everything is bright and full of cheer. Taking long walks on the pleasant country roads or boating upon the lakes are simple but unbelievably enjoyable activities made much more delightful because of the freshness that pervades the country. And holding hands as you watch the sky come alive at night is one of the most romantic things you can do in the world. 


zokr45kj.jpgCheery old Scotland with its wild moors and ancient castles is a fantastic honeymoon destination for couples looking for a blend of untamed nature and modern landscapes. Scotland is a place full of myths and folklore, with its aristocratic past still alive in its present. Hiking around the country is a rewarding experience as you are treated to marvellous landscapes dotted all around with old castles. Many of these castles have been converted into resorts, and you can actually stay in them, experiencing old-world courtesy and royal treatment. A honeymoon in Scotland will leave you with enjoyable memories for life.


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