"But if we are really to confront the reality of Puerto Rico’s misery—and the reason why the Trump administration has treated its plight with such callous indifference—we need to start talking about Puerto Rico in a far more honest way. Puerto Ricans may be “American,” but Puerto Rico is not part of America in any way that we should celebrate. It is not a “territory” or a “commonwealth” or any other obfuscatory language people have come up with.

Puerto Rico is a colony."


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pokemongirl Pokemongirl (@pokemongirl) Pinned comment
I’m gonna be honest right now, Donald Trump is an absolute JERK to Puerto Rican’s. He does NOT deserve to be President if he DOES NOT CARE about people who are different from him and who are in need of help. If he were standing in front of me right now, I would tell him to either back about 500 feet away from me, or get ready to get slapped... many times.
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