"By supporting reproductive freedom and gender equality, Bernie and Hillary are preventing destruction by overpopulation. Let’s be clear: Genocide is not one of those policies. Knight isn’t anti-human so much as he’s anti-procreation. We insist on having children because we believe that’s what we’re hard-wired to do, but Knight argues that this is a selfish mistake.

The idea has probably been around for a long time, but if it was recorded it got erased. Many people have independently come to the conclusion that planet Earth’s biosphere would be far better off if Homo sapiens weren’t a part of it. Some people say pronatalist, but I think that’s redundant. That’s the dominant mindset that we have. All cultures have evolved to be natalist because if you’re not a natalist culture you’ll probably die out. It’s gotten us to where we are today. So what we’re recommending is people think before they breed."


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john John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment
"So what we’re recommending is people think before they breed."

Brilliant. And may I just add, thinking before they speak (I know, I know). What I'm referring to is - mostly - well-meaning parents insisting that those of us who choose not to have children are wrong or "just don't understand".

I've heard it many times but it is a near daily occurrence for women I know that have also made the same choice. And it's just that; a choice, not a misfortune, misunderstanding or mistake.
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