The Radical, Feminist Comic Book We Need To Survive A Trump Presidency

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For women around the country ― and around the world ― the election of Donald Trump wasn’t just disappointing. It was gutting. Most were expecting to welcome America’s first woman president, and instead they got a candidate with over a dozen allegations of sexual assault to his name. There was shock, disbelief, mourning ― and then, women got to work. As for women artists, they got to making work. 

Resist! is a comic anthology comprised of work by women artists, LGBTQ artists and artists of color ― the communities most directly endangered by the President-elect ― that directly addresses the thoughts, feelings, fears, and actions of those who don’t quite fit inside Trump’s America, and don’t intend to stay quiet. The publication is edited by The New Yorker’s art director, Françoise Mouly, and her daughter, Nadja Spiegelman.

Originally, Gabe Fowler, the publisher of the comic newspaper Smoke Signal, reached out to Mouly, imploring her to create a special edition of the paper that addressed the issues pressing to those triggered and threatened by the election. “There was a need to be making something rather than sitting around feeling helpless,” Spiegelman told New York Magazine. “And this felt like a way of giving voice to something that needed to exist.”

Spiegelman and Mouly created a website for Resist!, complete with a call for submissions of half-page comics by artists of diverse and marginalized backgrounds. Only a few days later, they were flooded with...(read more)

The full article can be read on HuffPo.


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