Prison officials are trying to remove in-person visitation and replace it with a bug-filled and poorly written video conferencing system as a new cash cow.


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lyncmob James Philip Morrow (@lyncmob) Pinned comment
The real issue isn't privatization of prisons, it's the private industries that service them - earlier in my life, I did some significant time, and it's amazing how corrupt the system is, and how much profiteering goes on.

In California, the "phone time" available for inmates is through an private service that charged 2.50/minute for the first minute and .50/minute after - of course, the guards would reset the system every 10 minutes or so to drop calls and force inmates to redial and tax their relatives outside more of the "first minute" charges. The real cost isn't to the inmates, but their children, parents and families who love them on the outside.

There were a ton of other things wrong - don't get me started on the deliberately small portions designed to force inmates to purchase Aramark concession food, often WAY past expiration dates or with insect/weather damage, for exorbitant prices... like over 1.00 for a single pack of ramen noodles.

No libraries, very few books, very few opportunities for betterment - the California jail/prison system is dehumanizing and we suffer as a society because of it.
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john John Skorick (@john) replied to James Philip Morrow (@lyncmob) Pinned comment
Thanks for sharing your experience, James.

We have so many members who care deeply about human rights, and corruption in prisons is a major human rights issue here in the states. I'm sure all appreciate a first-hand account. It certainly brings the issue to life for me and is a side never seen on the various prison reality shows.
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