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Cyrus___ Cyrus___ (@Cyrus___) Pinned comment
The Democrats are as much a war party as the Republicans, as any very brief look at American war history will demonstrate. Actions are what matter, not fancy rhetoric.
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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) Pinned comment
Dems and GOP are only one side of the equation. In Islamic Regime of Iran there are such extremist war mongers that the government itself has to ban them from publishing more pro war propaganda.
The rank and file of 'our' native war mongers are identified as 'Fatmeh Komando' in today's vernacular.

Iran bans hard-line paper for 2 days over threat to Dubai
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said Saïd Amin (@said) Pinned comment
Domestic issues, particularly the economy, are historically most important to voters; presidential elections are usually won or lost over this one issue.

2016 was an anomaly of sorts with polls showing foreign policy, especially terrorism, on the minds of voters.

The polls reflect very real and widespread anxiety around ISIS, Iran, North Korea, terrorism (on US soil) and even the rise of China (Pew Research Center survey:

Anyway, this is my long-winded way of saying that in this climate Democrats likely stand to lose more (votes) if perceived as too soft w/ their foreign policy. I certainly don't expect the party to adopt Bernie's line anytime soon:

At the end of the day people just want to feel safe and the details for how that's accomplished is generally irrelevant to most. Blindly accepting foreign policy making without close scrutiny of the details/factors driving them is in large part why we've made such a mess of things for ourselves and much of the world (refugee crisis in Europe, MENA region, etc.). Can't help but to feel that for some politicians it's all fun and games so long as their mess stays overseas, it's not their sons or daughters deployed to hot-spots and it doesn't cost them future elections.
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