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Anne Khodabandeh explains how she was radicalised and turned into a terrorist by the Iranian Mojahedin and how the process of radicalisation takes place.

[The presentation was given at the conference: CONFLICTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST: IDEOLOGIES AND RADICAL GROUPS, organised by the Free Media Institute on 28 November 2017 in Tirana]


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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) Pinned comment
Dear Ann thank you for this presentation. We’re very fortunate to have ex members of MEK exposing the rotten core of this cult.
All due respect, with regard to MEK, a central point which is never mentioned, either in the presentation or the Q & A section, is the CONTEXT within which MEK (and all other urban guerrilla groups in Iran) originated.
This context was shah’s US sponsored single-party (Rastakhiz) dictatorship, backed by a ruthless political-police, the SAVAK, which effectively left no room for Reformist politics or a social space for civilized, non-violent dialogue and conversations. Alas, after 1979 the monarchical dictatorship was replaced with a more ruthless theocratic dictatorship, which made the situation and circumstances even worse and not better. Citing this social, historical context is in no way to justify MEK’s bankrupt politics, but actually needed to correctly comprehend this cult and isolate it.
And on that note, we shall keep in mind that currently MEK is nothing but an extremely dysfunctional, sterile, marginalized cult in Iranian politics. More of a dead horse than anything else, and while beating a dead horse could be a hobby, it won’t do anything to alter the social, political context in Iran which (due to prevalence of extreme inequality and fascist theocratic dictatorship) still creates opportunities and space for violent reactions from the populace.
The most important point about cultic politics in today’s Iran remains the fact that the biggest, most destructive, most corrupt and violent cult in our country is the theocratic RULING CULT of the so called ‘supreme leader.’
Until and unless we recognize this central fact of life, governing our country’s current politics, there will be no end to politically inspired violence in our land.

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Parsa Parsa (@Parsa) Pinned comment
Glad you and your husband managed to get out of the organisation while you still could!

Over the years in different parts of the world I have met many ex-members. Disillusioned, they had left MEK to have a life. You and Massoud and a handful of other remembers are unique, in dedicating your time in showing the true face of MEK. Please keep up the good work. My estimate is that if you count the ex members and ex sympathisers they may be even be much bigger than the current membership of the MEK.

Recruitment for MEK equals survival. What also keeps the organisation going, in idealogical terms is Islamic Republic of Iran (and their hostility towards all opposition groups) and also the fact that Iranians in exile have not been able to form a credible political party (any where in the world) where dissidents could genuinely engage in finding political solutions to their problems.

However, MEK has become a global cult movement, what I mean is that it will find a way to survive as long as their leaders are breathing. They may even sell their services to the highest bidder if they have to. Even if they shrank in size they’ll go in hiding like other terrorist groups.

They are also blatantly propped up by U.S. which gives the organisation and members false hopes. It would be good to see if it is at all possible to prosecute the U.S. government in an international court of justice for supporting this terrorist organisation. There is enough evidence and plenty of firsthand testimonies to make a strong case.
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said Saïd Amin (@said) Pinned comment
Anne-jaan, thank you for sharing this interesting talk/presentation! I'm half-way through it and will be watching the other half later this afternoon. Super informative!
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