The Chosen: Prophets or Puppets?

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Islamic religious scholars tell us that chosen people, like prophets, are endowed by God with a divine wisdom (Elm Ladonni), an inherent hidden knowledge that comes from God and is not earned through their efforts and education.  According to this belief, the solution to every problem that prophets encounter will be revealed to them by God without their own input. Like many other religious claims, this is a self-defeating theory in that it implies that these people are like puppets controlled from above.  These are individuals who cannot take on the challenges of real life and face problems on their own because the answer to each and every question and concern their followers have must be revealed to them by God.

If God choses to bless certain people with Elm Ladonni, a divine power, it seems to follow that he then denies them the  opportunity to face the challenges of life and prove that they are worthy of being accomplished human beings in their own right. It is the struggle with our problems that makes us strong and seasoned and strengthens our spirit. Similarly, it is the struggle to reach sunlight, extract the nutrients from the soil, and adapt to the environment that allows the plants to grow, survive, and become resilient.

Denying someone the opportunity to prove himself in this world is contradictory to the purpose of living, which is to prove oneself, and this makes those who are supposedly so close to God appear weak and inept when it comes to assuming the responsibilities of life as is expected from the rest of us.

What do you think?


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ashianeh ashianeh (@ashianeh) Pinned comment
In today's politics, they make me think of people like Mike Pence and other puppets who only repeat what are told, nothing else and nothing more.
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