"The Iranian diaspora can learn something from the Jewish experience in America. Like it or not diasporas in any society are linked to the country that others most associate them with."


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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) Pinned comment
It is refreshing to hear non-Iranian voices from NIAC, an American-Jewish narrative is even more interesting. Due respect, some might argue there are a lot more dissimilarities and discrepancies between Iranian and Jewish experiences/communities in the US. Almost to the point of incommensurability.

For one, the extent of assimilation and waves of (mainly European) Jewish immigration to ‘Amerike’ is much more extensive; the modern wave dating back at least a century. While the en masse Iranian arrival is mainly from the 60’s (mostly students) and only in 1980’s it takes a mass shape, numbering into millions. Continuing to this very day with THE HIGHEST RATE OF BRAIN DRAIN IN THE WORLD. (Wonder why and how mullahs have created and sustained this singular highest rate of Brain Drain in our land? It must be a Zionist conspiracy for sure!).

However, whereas our communities might not be so comparable to each other, the Theocratic states of Israel and Iran have some significant commonalities and shared characteristics. Being irreformable Religious States would stand out. It’s noteworthy to also mention how both have strong claims of Nativity, Hyper-Religiosity and a permeant hardon, projecting as Hyper-Nationalism; which is based on the previous two principals (the land and the God).

In the US, the White Supremacist currents also have their own Nativists claims and narratives. This appeal to ‘Supremacy’ is also a common thread between American White Supremacists, Right-wing Jewish currents and Mullahs in Tehran. It is no accident that David Duke gets invited to Tehran, and he keeps accepting the invitations.

Different generations of American Jews have left behind such an incredibly rich tapestry of social commitment and activism that’s impossible to match. From the Jewish presence in early Labor movements, to activists Jews of the Lower East side, to Spanish Civil War (Abraham Lincoln Brigade), Anti-Nuke, Peace activist of 50’s (the Rosenbergs), Civil Rights movement (Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner), Yippies (Abbie Hoffman) …This is not to romanticize gone by eras, but to point out different contributions and achievements.
In comparison, the few million Iranian Americans are in large part either Yuppies or Yuppie wannabes, with a focus on upward mobility; which corresponds to their levels of skills and education. (Some of them even boast about purchasing a Helicopter and proudly Tweet about it too)!

At the end of the day, what we’ll end up might be a lot more assimilation and osmosis than any imagined communities in eternal Diaspora. Generationally speaking, each era has had its own defining fights and struggles (anti-Fascism 30’s, 40’s; anti-Nuke, peace activism 50’s; Civil Rights movements of 60’s...) while this generation seems to be stuck with Neoliberalism and hubris of Market Supremacy (another commonality between Tel Aviv and Tehran). What's missing and urgently needed is a coherent, popular anti-Neoliberalist agenda and platform.

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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) Pinned comment
Dear Adam, the 1st reply to your article was actually only a part of what I felt was necessary to address in your argument, but because of space limitations for comments on TT only the issue of incommensurability of our communities was a bit discussed.
The other two points which also needs to be addressed in your commentary are the issues of:
- Futility of the so-called “Reformists” in Iran, and
- The irrelevancy of an imagined Iranian-American ‘Diaspora’ in pursuit of solidarity with Iranian people.
Alas, there are tons of translations with passed due dates needing to be done, hence I have to be as brief as possible for now, hopefully an extended reply will be made in another opportunity.

1) The utter futility of the so-called “Reformists” in Iran stems from the fact that they are simply a bunch of liars and cheats, manipulating people’s inspirations and needs for freedom and equality to get into power, but producing ZERO RESULTS, and actually contributing to a decrease of freedoms and equality in Iran. As a proof of this characterization I humbly submit the actual miserable record of ALL so-called ‘Reformist’ administrations in Iran, from Rafsanjani and Khatemi up to Rohany’s 1st and 2nd administration.

2) To prove to you and others in here the irrelevancy of an imagined Iranian-American ‘Diaspora’ I shall utilize a Socratic mode of inquiry and ask:

Why when it comes to issues of opposing war and sanctions in Iran, we have all these non-Iranian, progressive American groups, networks and individuals (such as USLAW, Code Pink, Prof. Juan Cole…) playing a much more active, substantial role than our imagined ‘Diaspora’?

Hopefully, these points shall be made more extensively later on.
Meanwhile I'll leave you with this picture of an event we had in here in Toronto.
All the best.

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iraj iraj (@iraj) Pinned comment
Mr Adam,
Don't forget as far as the above mentioned groups are concerned you are a member of regime (Iranian) lobby and oil lobby along with the rest of NIAC members. And you must be pushed back and neutered. In their eyes you are in it for money just like Trita Parsi (and I) who is saving his money to buy a helicopter from all the money he is receiving for his services.
Thankfully the solid majority of Iranians in US and Iran ignore these armchair activists because they know better.
Case in point, the mentioned group always want boycott of elections in Iran and they are always ignored by people.
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iraj iraj (@iraj) Pinned comment
Yes Adam there are similarities but Iranians situation here is different. We don't have Iranian billionaires supporting Iran here unlike the zionist Jews who support Israel. Zionist Jews are in control of Hollywood, US foreign policy, legislative process regarding Israel, and many centers of finance. There's no more zionist 'conspiracy' because it's already a reality, a done deal.
Our situation is different, the left (like the ones here on a daily basis) and the right (monarchists, mojahedeen) are saying the same thing pushing the overthrow line. The same line as Trump administration, Israelis and Saudis.
This creates a stage of siege mentality among the majority of Iranian Americans. Think about this poisonous destrutive environment that our children face on a daily basis.

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