The Bezos Effect - How Amazon’s Founder Is Reinventing The Washington Post

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You can read Dan Kennedy's research paper here (15,000+ words :)

I grew up reading the WashPo, have an interest in media and find Bezos to be an amazing entrepreneur working on really interesting projects. It's a safe bet that I will crack open a can of beer and dive into this research paper over the weekend.

Here are a few of the highlighted quotes:

The vision Bezos outlined for his newspaper that day was simultaneously inspiring and entirely at odds with the wretched state of the news business.

The Washington Post’s revival under Jeff Bezos is not just the story of one newspaper. Of far more significance is what it might tell us about prospects for the newspaper business as a whole.

…the Post has bolstered the ranks of its engineers by thirty-five positions since Bezos assumed ownership, with eighty engineers working alongside journalists in the newsroom.

Although newspapers, including the Post, still earn most of their revenues from print, the shift to digital favors large national players over regional and local papers.

Baron, for his part, said he has no intention of letting Bezos’s ownership of the Postinterfere with the way his journalists cover Amazon.

Advertising remains an important part of the revenue mix. But perhaps the more promising strategy is to persuade visitors to become paid digital subscribers.

Facebook readers who click onWashington Post stories are encouraged to provide their email addresses, which the Postuses to try to figure out—algorithmically—which of thePost’s sixty newsletters might appeal to them.

Not only is the Post using Arc [its CMS] internally, but it’s licensing it to other news organizations.

There are a few areas—some specific, some more attitudinal—from which newspapers could in fact benefit by studying the Bezos model.