The Best Persian Tweets Of The Week

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A recap of some of the week's top Iranian and Iran-related Tweets...

...says the Mojahedin Khalq (MEK) cult leader who sometimes orders her members to set themselves on fire.

...says the Iranian-American Venture Capitalist hosting a Clinton fundraiser and on the hook for selling tickets as expensive as $353,400 to sit at the table with Clinton and George Clooney. Golnaz Esfandiari, the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty correspondent, and peace loving-tree-hugger who fails to cite her source *tiss tiss*.  We stand by our earlier report that this runner was merely trying to protect himself from a possible American drone strike.

...good gracious, it's been what, 10 years that Iran's been waiting for the Russians to deliver this bloody mooshak defense-system!? Wake me up when that thing is tested...and working properly. By then the S-300 will be obsolete and history will repeat itself with Iran pre-paying for the shiny, newer S-800 (w/ a delivery date TBD). And they say Purrrrsians are good businessmen *pfff*

...huh? Somebody fire his translator.

...I can hear your whiny, nasal voice. Ugh.


...yup, we sadly know this all too well.

...oh just come out and say it already. Iran is vastly superior to Saudi Arabia. Better looking, better educated, a richer history, more progressive...well, unless you're counting execution totals. 

...whoa, that ratio is almost as good as the number of defenseless Palestinians who die for every Israeli soldier; but way to go boys, that's what we call a slaughter!