The Best Feeling Ever!...

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After the latest live-cast shooting on Facebook, I realized that contrary to the claims, Facebook was not actually doing me any favors! In fact it was costing me more than I can afford, in moral currency. Plus it was bankrupting my soul. 

I don't know about you, but I found out that I don't actually like to watch people die. Live. On my smartphone. Seems like a dumbphone now.

So I shut Facebook down. No. It was much easier than you think.

It turns out that my "real" friends, actually know how reach me, and keep me up to date on their lives, and better than that, sometimes, when things aren't going so well, will actually let me know! Especially when they need my help or advice.


On Facebook it seems, everyone's life is not only great, it is an outstanding off-da-hook beach party. In Ibiza. Or some other tropical paradise. Which is the very first in a long list of lies that Facebook propagates. On Facebook everyone seems to be really good looking too. At least that's what their selfies show. And everyone is apparently eating perfectly prepared, displayed and photographed gourmet food.

Uh. How about, No thanks.

So deleting my Facebook account was the best feeling ever. And when a not-so-real friend, sent me a Facebook post to laugh at, ONLY visible on Facebook, and when I robotically clicked the link, and saw this message, it instantly reminded me how happy I am to be free, and romping around like a schoolgirl in a meadow, on the outside of hell.

Join the club. It is liberating. Water tastes sweeter. Air smells fresher. Above all, the Graphics are incredible. 

FYI, the secret handshake is left-handed. Yes! You were always a member! You just forgot.

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