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john John Skorick (@john) Pinned comment
I lived in the Phoenix area for a couple of years and saw a lot of that beautiful country.

I went fly-fishing below the Hoover Dam. Those canyons are so deep it's surreal. They have various tours at the top and we could barely make out the people, they were so far from us at the bottom.

Jerome is cool. It's not really deserted, there are many restaurants and shops there. It's built in to the side of a hill (the pics don't do it justice).

I've been to Havasu a few times but found it to be more party than scenic (not complaining).

Number 15, Sedona, was by far my favorite place to visit. Being up in the mountains it was a good 10-20 degrees cooler in the summer. Beautiful country, great people, a great place to visit.

Nice list. Thanks for sharing @postgradandpostcards !
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dalyla dalyla (@dalyla) Pinned comment
That's where I was born!
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postgradandpostcards Lauren (@postgradandpostcards) Pinned comment
My dad lives in AZ so I've seen it several times on visits. It really is so beautiful! @john
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