Thank You Early Adopters!

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Howdy Folks,

We wanted to extend a quick thank you to all who have signed up during the early adopter/beta testing period.  You've helped us kick the tires and also contributed some great content along the way.

We have a few priorites left to accomplish before going public but you are helping us get there much more quickly than we could on our own.

So, thanks!

Team TopTopic


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bemusedbackpacker bemusedbackpacker (@bemusedbackpacker) Pinned comment
There are a few technical/practical issues that you could help with by providing us with a way to contact you properly. The contact button isn't working, the support button isn't working, the report bugs ... oh you get the point.
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TopTopic Team TopTopic (@TopTopic) replied to bemusedbackpacker (@bemusedbackpacker) Pinned comment
Hello @bemusedbackpacker

Thanks for reaching out!

You can reach us at or by posting your question(s) to +Support +Suggestions or +ReportBugs

When doing so can you provide a bit more info on what isn't working in regards to the contact features you've tried? Any errors or details would be great.

Thanks again, we're looking forward to the feedback!

-Team TopTopic
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