Text Post Improvements, Link Post Speed and More Performance Updates

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Dear TopTopic Members,

Today we launched several community improvements which we believe will help the experiences of all members.

Text Posts: We have added several new features to our text editor, have improved the image upload process and have made a number of other performance updates to this post type. We believe those members who enjoy posting blogs and other text style posts will see a noticeable improvement.

Link Posts: We have made a significant number of changes to the system which pulls images and titles for link posts. Our testing has shown as much as a 10x speed increase in displaying this information in link posts.

In addition, we added a number of behind the scenes improvements which should result in a much faster browsing experience on both mobile and desktop devices. Popular pages such as My Feed should see the most noticeable improvement but enhancements were made site wide.

As always, we encourage feedback and hope that you’ll let us know if you run into any issues, or if you have any feature requests for us.

Thank you for your contributions to the community and we’ll keep you posted on future updates!


Team TopTopic