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The AIC focuses on the dissemination of information, on political advocacy and grassroots activism.

 Beyond the critical analysis of the conflict as well as of the Palestinian and Israeli societies published on the website ( in English, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic, the AIC hosts the AICafé - an open cultural forum taking place every Tuesday and Saturday at 8 PM in ...Beit Sahour.

 Every ca. 3 months, the international seminar "Bridges instead of Walls" ( takes place, offering internationals from all over the world an unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the realities of life under Israeli occupation, grassroots resistance to Israeli colonialism, and both Palestinian and Israeli society. Through a balanced mix of lectures, meetings an guided tour to different locations in the West Bank and Israel, participants will learn about many of the critical issues that perpetuate the regional conflict and about how they can play a key role in international advocacy campaigns.


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