Supa’ Granny and Toad!

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said Saïd Amin (@said) Pinned comment
My nephew initially loved my costume...until I slapped on that wig. A bit perplexed he asked me why I was wearing his mommie's wig (she dressed up as a witch last year) and that superhero's don't have hair like that. I told him that I wasn't SuperMan, but rather a SuperGranny. Oh boy. Poor guy was mortified/embarrassed and for the first hour of trick or treating avoided being anywhere near me. Anyway, he warmed up when I told him that I was his special bodyguard and would protect him against villains. All was well until the end of the night when I mentioned that I would pick him up from school (today) as SuperGranny *lol* Poor guy, I totally stressed him out ;)
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