Statistics and Earnings

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TopTopic member have access to a Statistics suite, enabling them to view a variety of post engagement metrics and revenue earned.

Navigate to Statistics by clicking your profile image and 'Earnings'


Track your revenue in the Earnings Report

Once on the Earnings > Overview page, click the Earnings Report link to see a detailed report. From this report you can track your Coins earned and see a quick overview of your current earnings balance.  


*The Earnings Report displays the revenue you’ve earned via Coins.  To learn more about this report, please click here.

Earnings are paid on a monthly basis.

Please be sure to submit your payment details, along with your preferred payment option for receiving your earnings.  To learn more about the payment process, please click here.



Explore high-level metrics in the Summary Stats report


*Summary Stats provide a high-level view of the activity on your content.  To learn more about this report, please click here.


We have more options in the works and are always looking for feedback from the community.  Please submit any feedback or questions you have in the comment section below.

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