So really, WTF is Donald Trump doing?

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At this point many are wondering if Trump really wants to be President, or if he's resigned to losing the election but hell-bent on taking down the Republican party? Does he have an end-game, strategy, etc.?

Here's an interesting analysis/prediction from David Jeffers, a respected colleague that I used to work with...

Trump has no intention to win the presidency. He's got much bigger plans. And he has set it up perfectly. Roger Ailes, Steve Bannon and he envision a ubiquitous, multi-platform media empire with the power to make war, overthrow governments, determine elections and position-holders of power, influence trade and control public opinion -- all at such a level as to make William Randolph Hearst blush from the grave.

Their secret sauce? The irreversible rejection among legions of Americans to accept Hillary Clinton as president and commander in chief. With at least 35 million fed-up, nativist revolutionaries (and not all are "uneducated" nor "crazies", so please get over that), "Trump Media" has a ready-to-rock, built-in audience of at least 35 million devoted followers who are waiting to flip the switch at 9:00 am November 9. Hillary is the perfect boogeyman. She's hobbled, toxic and vulnerable to having Trump's troika launch a drive for criminal investigations and impeachment, even before her transition team is announced. First order of business though? Punish.

Every Republican who deserted Trump this past week will pay a dear price. They're going to wish they would've followed the swallow-deep strategy of Pence and Giuliani (and Sean Hannity), and many others, who had the foresight to see what looms over their viability after the election is done and Trump, from his perch, decides the winners and losers on the Right. What to look for: Trump Studios will open at his new hotel, the tallest building in downtown DC, which commands from its clock tower an unimpeded view up and down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Your thoughts?