Significance of Automation

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Automation is the much talked about word in today’s world. The computerization which gained momentum in the last decade of the last century is at its peak now with almost the entire world is moving towards the goal of hundred percent computerization. At this juncture, automation is gaining more popularity and wide acceptance. Literally, automation has been replaced many manual jobs in different sectors. 

 Software testing is an area which has been automated even before this trend came to exist. There are many advantages for automating software testings and some of them are as follows;

  • Manual Testing requires a lot of manpower and it leaves a good amount of financial burden on the company. When you automate the testing processes, you can reduce the manpower considerably and thus can bring down the cost for testing. AS many software testing tools are available free, the cost can be reduced to a greater extent. 

  • Manual testing is a tedious job which consumes a lot of time. In many cases, a test case may need to be tested repeatedly and in some other cases, each test should be executed on different platforms and on different browsers. When you are doing it manually, it will take more time and the entire project may get delayed. Here, the test automation tools will help to reduce the turnaround time as parallel multiple testings are possible in automation testing. Moreover, there will not be any need to write the test scripts again and again.

  • In automated software testing, the chances for manual errors are very less or nil. Hence, the result will be accurate. 

Today, the software sector is experiencing hectic competition and is such a competitive market price of the product and the quality plays important roles in deciding the fate of the business. Automated software testings make both these criteria favorable and thus it gained wide acceptance. 

As you are already aware, software testing has different dimensions and there are different tools and testing methodologies to cover all the aspects of a software application. There are many free and open-source test automation tools including some online testing tools which can be used without paying for the license. Although most of these tools will not have official technical support, there exist vast communities of experts of each tool. They will extend all the technical support at any given point of time. 

Apart from the free tools, there are a few commercial tools which should be purchased by paying the license fee. In this case, you will be eligible for official technical support from the tool developer. 

A thorough knowledge of different testing methodologies and different tools will help you to identify the right tool. Selecting the apt tool is a key to success in automated software testing. 

The software applications developed in the early years were simple and were used for performing simple functions but as the time passed, more and more complicated applications are started coming with multiple functionalities. At this stage, manual testing proved to be insufficient and that was the reason behind the invention of many automated software testing tools. At a time when more and more virgin areas are computerized, there will be a need for more software applications with more complex functionalities. Hence, the significance of automated software testing will increase in the future. 

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