Should I Trademark My Blog Name?

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jf27yei4.jpgWith the help of technology and the internet, there are countless ways to reach an audience. This means new brands appear every day at staggering rates. You don’t need a shop to sell goods. You don’t need a printing press to publish words.

There are millions of blogs all over the internet. Some of which have grown to massive proportions and make a lot of money. Other blogs remain smaller and cater to specific niche or audience. Like print publishers, bloggers can face legal issues. Because of this, bloggers need to protect their intellectual property.

Should you trademark your blog name? Within the last five years, more and more bloggers are considering trademarking their blog. The answer to this question will depend on your blog. Different blogs and bloggers will have different needs.

Benefits of trademarking your blog name

If you do go through with the process of registering a trademark, you will gain many benefits. With you blog trademarked, you have advantages such as:

  • Legal ownership of the mark
  • The ability to pursue legal action against infringement
  • The trademark will appear in searches, which serves as notice of your rights
  • Block others imported good using your mark
  • Easier international trademark registration and rights
  • Use of the ® registered trademark symbol

Additionally, your trademark will help your brand in other ways. A trademark can solidify your brand reputation and build brand recognition.  You can build credibility among readers and followers. Also, help convince others that your content is original and can’t be copied without permission.

Trademark your blog name if

If you're creating unique, original and valuable information to share with readers on your blog, its work thinking about a trademark. If you have been thinking about it for some time, you are not alone. Many bloggers, large and small have already acquired a trademark.

For example, larger, well-known blogs like the Huffington Post are registered as a trademark. What about smaller blogs? How can you decide if your blog is worth trademarking? There are a few statements that can help gauge whether it is worth it. If any of the below comments are true, you might want to consider starting the trademark registration process:

  • You share unique, original information on your blog that isn’t found elsewhere.
  • Your blog communicated messages about your business or brand.
  • You have gained a large number of readers, visitors or subscribers.
  • Other blogs are starting to look and sounds like yours
  • Your blog has evolved into a business opportunity 

If you are unsure or want to start the process, it’s best to seek the advice of experts. LegalVision makes the process simple and affordable.

Don’t trademark your blog name if

Not all blogs are worth trademarking. If any of the statement below apply to your blog, think twice about starting the trademark process:

  • Your blog is used to share personal information only.
  • Your blog and blog name are confusingly similar to another well-known (trademarked) blog.
  • You have copied or repurposed a lot of content from other blogs or websites.
  • You haven’t started sharing anything on your blog.
  • You don’t intend to use the blog for business or brand purposes.

Trademarking your intellectual property is essential. With a large number of blogs popping up on the internet, it’s not that farfetched to think that somebody can infringe on your work. With a trademark, you are safe from this.