"It is my greatest hope that this light will reach Iran, and we will one day celebrate the triumph over all evil forces in Iran and there will be freedom and tolerance for all people, regardless of sexual orientation, religion, or gender."


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said Saïd Amin (@said) Pinned comment
One of the most rewarding aspects of working on The Iranian is the community feedback. For example, the author of the above article emailed me the following: "Merci, it means so much to me to have my voice heard finally."

And earlier, another individual sent the following message, along with a monthly donation: "I really enjoy your site’s content and will continue to support. You’re filling a desperately needy niche: Iranians who want to hear from Persian voices and positive things about Iran."
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MashGhasem MashGhasem (@MashGhasem) replied to Saïd Amin (@said) Pinned comment
Thanx for sharing this, apropos to the season. The Iranian's (IC) third version has lots of potential, but for me at the moment it's looking a bit stale and stuffy.
Articles are not that many and there's isn't much anything else. Missing all the great current music, graphic arts, illustrations, sculpture,...
Don't mean to sound snarky but, it's really great to have stuff on Yalda, but we could also have a singular focus on natural disasters in Iran, especially earthquakes (positioning those stories front and center) including but not limited to Kermanshah, Kerman, Tehran, Damavand,..

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said Saïd Amin (@said) replied to MashGhasem (@MashGhasem) Pinned comment
Thanks for the candor. A work in progress, it is. Member contributions, both in the form of content and donations will help address your first critique. Happy to report that both are trending up (donations and people sending us content). Also, important to keep in mind that unlike many other Iranian publishers we receive zero government funding. I’m not necessarily opposed to seeking grants, but not quite there yet.
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MashGhasem MashGhasem (@MashGhasem) Pinned comment
چه عیدی است یلدا، نه حیوانی گردن زده می شود و نه انسانی در آئينی به خاک می افتد و کرنش می کند، همچون نوروز، همتایش فقط مهربانی است، شادی با هم بودن و انسانيت را ستودن.
یلداتان پر مهر باد.
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