"The crown prince's goal is to cut Iran down to size and make it accept Saudi hegemony in the Persian Gulf."


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Cyrus___ Cyrus___ (@Cyrus___) Pinned comment
Nice history lesson in the first few paragraphs of the article but we really need to see this situation for what it is, which is not just a move against Iran by Saudi Arabia. The Saudis and Israelis are just local worker bees for the Anglo-American Empire - frontmen willing to take the PR hit for various controversial acts in the pursuit of greater goals, all driven by the US either from behind or in some cases leading the charge. Those goals include the moderation or destruction of all regimes in the middle east hostile towards Anglo-American-Zionist hegemony. With most such regimes already gone, it's safe to say Iran is the last man standing. It's also safe to say Iran will not be spared.
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Dakho Dakho (@Dakho) replied to Cyrus___ (@Cyrus___) Pinned comment
Is the US quagmires in Afghanistan, Iraq and its recent setbacks in Syria also part of this 'hegemony?' Or Pentagon is just taking its time, the longest war in US history, that's all.
Islamic State of Iran has always had a very tenuous, antagonistic relation with any nationalist narrative of Iran, always basing itself on Mazhab. This resort to a nationalist discourse by the Islamic Regime is yet another indication of its defeat in imposing Islam.
What these mullahs won't be spared of is the just, righteous wrath of Iranian people.
And there's not a damn thing anyone can do about that.
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