A nauseating article by Thomas Friedman.


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iraj iraj (@iraj) Pinned comment
Where do NYT and Thomas L. Friedman stand? ,
While we are on the subject of the Saudi prince and the question involving 'Who is the john, who is the pimp and who are the whores'.
NThomas L. Friedman is definitely a Pimp, with a capital P.
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ChamoshChamoshvnd ChamoshChamoshvnd (@ChamoshChamoshvnd) Pinned comment
This idiotic moron used to call Iranian people "suckers" for paying taxes to the Iranian government. After a barrage of letters to NY Times explaining what a Rentier State is and how it operates (not based on taxation), he and his publishers discovered why and how they're the real suckers.
But he still keeps writing horse manure about middle east and NYT keeps on publishing it.
The late Alexander Cockburn (publisher of "Counterpunch") used to call him the Laptop Lunatic, because of Thomas Friedman's support and push for bombing of Serbia by NATO.
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ashianeh ashianeh (@ashianeh) Pinned comment
It is more than nauseating. It looks more like a paid ad...
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