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Dakho Dakho (@Dakho) Pinned comment
Islamic Republic of Iran, as we know it today is over. The regime has no choice but to drastically modify itself, if it seeks to survive these latests rounds of popular protests. If and when it could actually survive the amalgamation of current street demonstrations, armed citizens defending themselves (city of Izeh, in Lurestan), industrial strikes and...
Mullahs had noticed there was "a nip in the air" and had a premonition of the oncoming turmoil (although they possibly couldn't have imagined such speed and scope) and last wednesday it was announced how they were changing their approach to forced veiling for women, and wouldn't arrest women for "improper" attire, but all of that was too little, and too late.
It's amazing how so much could change in a matter of few days.
Now, they're pretending to project a sense of regret and reform, but we all know how that jazz goes.
As the Persian proverb says:
!شب دراز است و قلندر بیدار
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