Reich told IBT that the Democratic Party “is just a big fundraising machine” and its failure to fix the economy helped Donald Trump win the White House.


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said Saïd Amin (@said) Pinned comment
I love Robert Reich. A super interesting thinker, logical (rooted in data) and really seems to care.

As for the narrow, hyperbolic view that the 'Democratic party is just a big fundraising machine”, only fair to say the same about Republicans. It's the system. And it needs work. More folks are finally waking up to the realization that the country is less democratic today than it used to be. This has been a macro trend across decades, regardless of which party sits in the White House. It's easy to miss the forrest for the trees when gauging the state of democracy through the lens of just 4 or 8 years.

Silver lining is that in moments of crisis, like the one we're in, more people pay attention, mobilize, and maybe, just maybe, push through impactful reform to put a better system in place.
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