Revisiting Hiroshima in Iran

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Source: Youtube

Stanford's Scott Sagan discusses surveys which show that a majority of Americans are now opposed to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, but would support a nuclear strike if the U.S. were go to with Iran.


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said Saïd Amin (@said) Pinned comment
My jaw literally dropped when I watched this video. #iranophobia is very real and reinforced daily by the millions of dollars pouring into the coffers of various orgs and DC think tanks (funds coming in by both domestic and foreign actors). Oh, and let me not forget the role of super PACs and the influence they weld over American political and economic institutions. At a macro level, Democracy is very much up for sale. Alas, another topic for another time. Here's my article in response to this horrifying survey:

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tehranosaurusrex Behrouz Bahmani (@tehranosaurusrex) Pinned comment
The negative image that Americans have of Iranians and Iran today, and the results of this survey, that shows Americans would overwhelmingly approve of annihilating Iranians using Nukes, is directly the fault of the Iranian government.

They have successfully reshaped our image into Fascist Islamists, to suit their own selfish needs for ego validation and financial enrichment, and thereby condemned us to this overwhelming ill-will now.

The blame for not countering this negative image, and for not standing up to this false image of us our people, and country, rests in the hands of Iranian-Americans who have had ample opportunity, yet have sat idly by greedily lining their pockets with "don't give a fuck" money. Mere money! In return for our long lost honor!

With dangerous findings like these, it is now entirely possible that Trump may choose to nuke Iran as an example, in order to show NOKO what's coming if they don't stand down. Iran now, may well be Trump's "Guam Demonstration of Intent"!

This huge risk of the demonstration annihilation of Iran;s 2nd largest city (Isfahan? Mashhad? or Shiraz?), ONLY makes sense, if Iran is:
A) a belligerent state,
B) in a position to get nukes like NOKO, and
C) poses a well established threat.

Since all of these are unfortunately true at this time, the Iranian government, the people of Iran, and their pathetic Iranian-American enablers must now worry. Trips to Space money, Dot-Com money, VC money, IPO money. The mere Money Iranian-Americans have been pointlessly grubbing and stashing away now, can NEVER buy away the worry we must all worry about now.

This is a massive failure on our part as FREE Iranians in the world, for sitting idly by and waiting and hoping that the evil that has befallen our beloved country will "eventually get tired, dry up and blow away".

Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.
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